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Adam Sevani's version of Thriller.

[URL] pretty sick remake smokeyface

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bums wearing nikes/jordans/etc.

so i live in chicago.. and the bums are all over the streets. wherever you turn. some are nice. some are straight up assholes. others are just looking for a pity party. BUT.. in the past maybe 6 months i've seen numerous bums wearing nikes, jordans and SBs. no joke. it's ridiculous. they'll be super dirty and ragged as f*ck then i look down at their feet and i see a brand new pair of white on white air forces and a crisp clean Yankees new era fitted. the other day i saw a bum in SB Money Cat dunk HIs (aren't those a good $200!?!) and on a regular basis i see numerous OG jordan 3s,4s, 6s, 8s, etc. (beat to shit but OG). they're not fake colorways or anything.. i see those on a regular basis too, but it's the dumb soulja boy type of guys that i see in them. tell me how a bum who has on a brand new somewhat scuffed pair of white on white forces and a brand new NY fitted (with the sticker STILL ON) is begging me for money.. and then gets heated and upset because i can't give him .25 cents or go get him something to eat. anyone else got stories?!

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check your local urban outfiters for cheap monday.. marked down to $9.99.

NO LIE. just randomly at urban outfitters with the lady friend yesterday, saw a table full of jeans (tons of randoms), look on a bottom shelf and i see Cheap Mondays marked $19.99. Tight OD in dry. Tight OD in black. mine only had the drys in sizes 25-28. i'm a true 30 so i tried the 28s on thinking they would maybe fit (b/c that's my size in Nudies and all other denim) but i couldn't even get them over my waist and they were ridiculously tight on my thighs. ended up getting the black ones in a 31. [Image]. so for those of you looking for cheap mondays.. check out urban outfitters blushing your location may have them on sale.

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sneaking camera into would you do it?

anyone got any tips? i'm gonna see kanye on saturday here in the Chi and i sure as hell want to document this. okay i want serious answers. no "stick it up your butt'' stupid shit. lol i know i read all over the internet that 'no cameras allowed. they'll make you throw away your battery or take it out.' or 'security is tight and searches the crowd for anyone with a camera. i'm sitting low 300s (that view should be sick though.. its the WHOLE stage) so it shouldn't be too hard to take pics n what not.. BUT.. [I]how can i get my camera in?[/I] i was thinking.. wear a belt with a metal buckle.. and putting the camera behind my belt.. since the camera is kinda thin? so that way when the metal detector beeps.. i can be like..'that's my belt..' [I]any ideas[/I]? this is the UC set up for a concert.. i'm assuming it will be set up like that.. wth a bigger stage.. but the view from 300 shouldn't be bad at all. [Image]

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13 year old steals dad's credit card, spends $30,000, has a halo party + gets hookers

[URL] [QUOTE]A 13 year old boy from Texas is convicted of fraud after using his Father

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what would you do? *question for everyone*

so there's this super super attractive girl in one of my classes.. really caught my eye.. always in designer denim, chanel, kitson, ed hardy, juicy couture, etc. always always rocked out.. nice eye candy. lately my family has been looking to buy a condo downtown so we've been going out with our realtor around the city on the weekends looking at places.. and we were in the lobby of a nice building and i see this girl all juicy coutoure-d out and i'm like..'whoa she looks super familiar, but whatever, she probably lives here.' so we go look at condos in the building that weekend.. nothing too special. fast forward to this weekend.. we're checking out more condos in the same building and our realtor is like..'this current condo is occupied but its similar to the one we looked at in this building before..just higher up on the 17th floor.' so we go in.. and i'm like.. 'okay girls live here. obviously, there's pink all over and there's issues of US weekly and laguna beach and OC dvds all over the place.' so we go check out the bedrooms.. ktchen.. bathrooms.. closet space for size and just overall checking out the condo and i see a ton of juicy couture, designer denim, etc just all over the girl's room on chairs, random shopping bags, hoodies draped over a chair and i'm like..'ah typical girl in chicago wardrobe.' and i was like..'wait.. i seen a girl wearing that same ed hardy hoodie.. in one of my classes.' and then it clicked in my head.. 'this is that girl's condo! the one from your class that you saw come out of the elevator the other weekend.. WHOA.' and sure enough.. i'm walking around the condo and i see a pic of her.. then the book for the class she's in with me. i wasn't weirded out.. but it was just like..'uh.. the fuck? so random..' i've never talked to this girl ever and don't really think i ever will, but it's just random knowing that i was at her place to check it out with a realtor. what would you do if you were in a situation like that? (imagine like.. you're on the search for a new apt and you see a random person with some nice kicks walk out of the building as you go in.. and the person looks familiar but you can't realize where from..and then you go look at apts wth your realtor and you realize, as you look around the apt.. that it's a member from HB's. you recognize it from the shoes all over the room and one of the rooms you see happens to be the 'background' in a w.a.y.w.t. pic... ) this is probably the 3rd random thing that's happened to me in the past week that's made me go "wtf.'' or ''how the hell?'' (situations like.. people i meet off a car forum.. add me on facebook.. and they're from California or some shit.. then it says we have friends in common and they happen to know a guy i went to middle school with..) shit like that makes me think.."damn. this world is fuckin small."

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snow in the midwest on the first day of spring? wtf.

wow. seriously? wtf. "seriously. snow? it's spring break.''-my little brother when we both woke up this morning and looked out the window on our way downstairs to eat breakfast. there's gotta be at least 4 inches on the ground already.. blinkyeyes yesterday it was at least 55... couple days before that.. it was around 61-65...and low-hi 40s.. then...SNOW. now i really wish i went to florida.. i totally misunderstood my parents.. they kept saying.."we're going to florida on the 21st until the 25th..'' so i got super excited.. and then my dad was like..''oh.. that's not this month.. that's April.. you're still in school..'' smhsmh i feel like i live in Alaska.. this weather is so up and down.

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Mom throws 2 sons off bridge into oncoming traffic then jumps..

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Nick Cannon is engaged: DIME PIECE.

looks like he found himself a dime piece.. blinkyeyes [URL] (pics of them together) he's engaged to Victoria's Secret model Selita Banks. [Image]

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