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[ENTITY] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

Introducing a new brand out Los Angeles, Ca called ENTITY. "Be Your Own" is there brand motto, and simply means create your own movement. Make sure follow them on the social networks and let me know what you think. Website: [URL] Check out some the images from the Fall lookbook below: [Image]

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[Royal Prospects] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

Here's a new brand out of Los Angeles, Ca and making a major push into the marketplace. Below you'll find some info about the brand and pictures of there new Spring 2010 season. So check it out and let me know what you think. [b]ROYAL PROSPECTS:[/b] [b]BASED OUT OF LOS ANGELES ROYAL PROSPECTS IS CLOTHING BRAND THAT SHOWS DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF LIFE. OUR CREATIVITY COMES FROM A HARD WORKING ETHIC AND PLEASING AT THE SAME TIME. OUR GOAL IS TO DIRECTLY SET THE STAPLE FOR THE PROSPECTS WHO STRIVE TO ACHIEVE THERE BEST NO MATTER WHERE THEY COME FROM. THE AMBITION,THE HUSTLE,THE STRUGGLE IS WHAT WE ARE BUILT FROM WE ALL COME FROM THE BOTTOM TO REACH THAT TOP "FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING" IS OUR MOTTO AND WE NEVER FORGET WERE WE COME FROM.[/b] Here's some shots of the new Spring 2010 line: [Image] For more information about the brand check them out at: [URL]

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[Loud & Obnoxious] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

Loud & Obnoxious have been on their grind for a while now and ready to make some major noise with their new season. We are proud carry the brand and make sure check them out @ [URL] for more information. [Image]

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[Brooklyn Projects] - Discussion Thread 2010

We will be finally releasing the highly anticipated BP Prophet Pack Tees in a collaboration with LABELS...Also we will be celebrating the Spring 2010 release from Loud & Obnoxious... To highlight this release we will be having a release event with food, music and special deals. So come out and hang with us.... [Image]

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