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T.I released from prison

I have a feeling he gonna jump right back into the game in a major way.

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Kanye&Jay "Watch the Throne"

Only song I am skipping is the second Frank Ocean one, sorry Frank. Album- 9 out of 10 IMO

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PS3: PSN Name Thread

^maybe they really are testing the network then....

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Anyone here MMA fan?

Hahha Chael owned GSP! I used to be a GSP fan but his fights are mad boring. Gimme Jon Jones or Nick Diaz anyday.

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Official Odd Future Wolf Gang Thread

I found it funny that Styles P one of New Yorks grimier rappers. couldn't even flow on Yonkers. Hahahaha. The way the beats works around his voice is really prevalent when you hear other rappers try to spit on it.

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I understand that there is certain aspects of the story that may seem a bit ridiculous but this has always been the story... they did it well for what it was IMO. I really hope this leads into a movie. Any word on that?

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