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anyone here ever had problem with anxiety|depression ?

hey havent posted here in a while haha i was just wondering if anyone on hb ever had deep anxiety\depression\panic problem and how yall dealt with it, ive always knew i had anxiety, and a bit of depression the last year or so.. but about a couple months ago i had a badtrip and ive just been having alot of derealization\depression\heavy anxiety and panic attacks, it feels like having a panic attack 24\7 and feeling like im loosing control and not really being myself anymore, + i got this feeling of depression like nothing is worth it and i dont know if i really like stuff anymore, so i lost motivation in everything, anyway it sucks. Ive told myself alot of times to just stop being a pussy and stop thinking about it but its not really working ha, so i just wanna know if it ever happened to any of you and how you dealt with it, im 19 and not tryna live like this for a long ass time, thanks  inb4 lmao didnt read

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Man Murders His Wife, Posts Murder Photo On Facebook

yall saw this? damn the dude posted dem pic on fb too [Embed content]

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DMX The gawd on Iyanla Fix My Life (OWN)

any of yall seen this? man i feel bad for dmx, but his son is way too soft for going on that gay ass show.. [Embed content]

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Where to buy a parka pullover for under 100$

im looking for a cheap parka pullover to buy online. (something under 100$ if possible) i can't find one, i want something similar to this, thanks [Image]

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open this john Vol. blogtv

yo john we wating for u on blogtv sign up and come cohost b [URL]

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(FS) Black HUF Plantlife Campcap

[Image]worn once 50$ shipped

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how do you present yourself in an interview Vol. unemployed bout to be employed soon

i got an inteview next week, and the dude said i need to write a letter to present myself.. i've never had an interview/job before, how do i present myself doe? i can't say Hi, all i do is go on hb and fap help

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the 55th GRAMMYs 2013

anyone else watching the grammys tonight ? http://www.grammy.com/live rihanna is performing hummmmmmmm

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Beyoncé wants "unflattering" photos removed from the web

[URL] its so weird that some artist actually ask for this, these pictures are cool IMO [Image] this can also turn into the ''OFFICIAL BEYONCE SUPERBOWL PHOTOSHOP THREAD''

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Interview With Hatchet Weilding Hitchhiker Vol. this dude is a hero

Im dead [Embed content]

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Girl sucking / eating her own tampon Vol. Wtf is wrong with dis girl b

anyone saw this on fb today? wtf is wrong with this girl bruh she aint having no boyfriend anytime soon  [Embed content]

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karmaloop livestream

http://new.livestream.com/accounts/1858423/events/1765550 would fuck white girl with red dress she sing some tupac n shit she twerkin damn [Image]

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aNYthing store in new york

anyone got the phone number of this store ? http://anewyorkthing.com/store they charged me 200$ for shipping and theres no email or phone number on the website where i can call thanks

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Boxing day sales tomorow Vol. watchyall buyin'

what yall tryna get from the boxing day sales tomorow?? is there any good sales online ?

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