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Streetwear Stores in London

I am going to be in London for the next few days. And i have to hit up as many streetwear stores. So far i have been to Size ?. Any other spots?

2 Weeks ago in Europe

Clothing Line

Hey. I've been into the streetwear/sneaker culture lifestyle for a while now. But lately, i've had the urge to finally start this clothing line ive been thinking of. i have a concept and brand direction. i wanna get my clothing line off the ground. i just feel that the streetwear culture is not going in a good direction right now. i mean it is great that it is getting noticed but i feel that this overexposure to the mainstream is starting to take the substance away and pulling the culture from where it started...individuality. What is great is more people are taking it into their own hands to start wearing their own clothes and designs. and i don't wanna sit back. i'm sure a topic like this ha come up before. So here is the deal can anyone give me some advice since there are so many hypebeasters who have their own stuff. i just dont wanna make any bad mistakes. i figures this is the best place to go. sneakerheads and individuals helping eachother. Novahttp://www.hypebeast.com/forum/images/smilies/action-smiley-068.gif blushing

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