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How much $ for a 63 Continental?

Just out of interests sake, but how much would a straight 63 Lincoln Continental (hard or soft top) go for in the US. Engine doesn't have to be working. Are parts still easy to come by?

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Where to cawp US Clarks online?

As above... for international shipping blushing sank bu veddy mooch

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Fitted/slim fit/vintage fit Polo shirts.

Any suggestions? Good quality, as i hate it when that shit stretches in width and shrinks in length tongueface I know PRL make a few, but i find them to be really short.

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Show your wallet thread

homo cos i don't have pics yet >smh Storage...Front pocket? back pocket? carry (fag!)? purse (more fag!)? much hate if already posted |0

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Your wordrobe

Not sure if its been done before but... post a pic of your drobe and how you store your gear and how much shit you've got. Kicks, jeans, tee's, caps, thongs... whatever. I don't got a pic yet, but will do. Gotta share with the girl though >smh

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Cap storage...

How do you store your fitted's? keep them on display or tucked away? Some sort of wall rack would be boss... keeping them folded ain't a good thing.

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CA street wear locations...

I know its a fair way down the track, but i'm heading to the states mid next year and i don't want to miss out on any dope shit. Will be hitting up SF and driving from LA down to Foothill Ranch, then to Lake Arrowhead and up to Vegas. I've got no idea where the goods are, so some tips would be rockin! smokeyface

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Jack & Jones jeans

Anyone rockin some of their denim? Got 3 pair now and they are the sweetest jeans I've owned. The only prob being, they are only in the UK and their online shop only ships to the UK. If you're over there, peep them! Got some tidy stuff there. [URL]

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