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Robb Bank$ - 2phoneshawty (EP)

[URL] [Image] still waiting on YOTS tho smh

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Pouya - South Side Slugs

[URL] he dropped it a bit early. definitely a step up from Stunna, both lyrically and in choice of production. really fucking with track 5, "Heed". [Image]

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Is everyone already hip

or are we all just gonna act like this doesn't go hard as fuck [Embed content] don't understand a word but a lot of the times i can't understand chief keef so....

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Photoshop For Mac (Free)?

sorry if you aren't supposed to make threads like this but i got a mac and i wanna get photoshop (for free bcos i'm a brokeboi). i had a pc with photoshop and i don't remember where i got my version of photoshop from (it was cs5, the "white rabbit" beta i believe, but it worked just fine) but there wasn't an actual installation (this might sound confusing but just trust me, i didn't go through any "installation process" like when you normally install a new program). i really liked how i didn't have to try to crack the program or anything, it just worked right out of the download. does anyone have a link like this for either photoshop cs5 or cs6 for mac?

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"The Universal Hot-Crazy Matrix"

[URL] thought this was both hilarious and real as fuck. discuss.

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Good Portable Speaker?

anybody know of a good portable speaker, preferably one with bluetooth connectivity? i'm really not looking to shell out more than ~$60 and i'm really looking for something that doesn't get that nasty muddy sound when you turn the volume all the way up on a song that has a lot of bass in it.

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why do some threads get deleted when there's no "misconduct" going on in them?

i was looking for a thread and it seems that it was deleted, but i'm nearly 100% sure that nobody did anything against hb policy (it's just a thread where basically every week when a new chapter of naruto comes out, a few hb members discuss the chapter/anything related to the chapter and there's never really been any spam in there or anything else i can think of that would constitute as "misconduct" or a violation to any hb forum policy).

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Pouya - Stunna

his tape just dropped [URL] [Image] another kid from south florida tearing up the game. anyone mess with him? on his old stuff, he had a nice flow but his vocab was fucking awful (he would rhyme "shit", "bitch", and "dick" a million times in one song) but he kinda stepped up with this. nice production and a bit of a lyrical step-up.

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How often do you get a new phone?

I have an iPhone 4, and I realized that one month from today marks exactly 2 years of me owning it (and that I'll be able to upgrade next month). Not a single crack or scratch, but it's an iPhone 4 so now it's "obsolete" and really laggy with iOS7. When there's a new phone that you want, do you go ahead and buy it at full price even if you're not eligible for an upgrade, do you trade in your current phone and pay the remaining value, or do you just stick it out with the phone you have?

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Who's At Fault vol. Leaking Nudes

this past weekend in my area, multiple instagram profiles were made and they were all just posting nudes (mostly high schoolers, i'm assuming probably ~85% of them were under 18 ). i saw a lot of people talking about how "childish" it is for a guy (assuming the pages were mainly made by males) to expose a girl's nudes, and i also saw people saying that it's the girl's fault for sending them in the first place. what do you guys think? personally, i think it it really goes both ways. yeah, it's pretty fucked up to expose someone when they've entrusted something private like that to you, but no one is obligated to send nudes. it doesn't matter if you've been in a relationship for 5 years, no "social expectation" makes it so that you HAVE to send nudes. that was a personal decision from the start, and it obviously wasn't a good one if the person you sent them to either 1. sent them to other people who would later post them for the world to see or 2. posted them themselves for everyone to see.

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Help writing a research paper

The directions are: "Research the context and content of a metaphorical witch-hunt. In other words, why were people afraid of your group and what has been done to quell this fear? Next, you will make a statement about what that connection [to the play "The Crucible"] reveals or adds to our understanding of this modern witch-hunt."  Basically, I just need help choosing a modern group that was persecuted in a metaphorical witch hunt. These are the examples were we given were: Undocumented workers, Union Members, Catholics, Jews, African Americans, Homosexuals, Muslims, Irish-Americans, Native Americans, Immigration Law, and Mormons. We can choose another group but we have to get approval from the teacher. I don't want to research the "easiest" group, I want to research a group that has plenty of information to be researched that isn't too broad and that I can write specific points about (because we're supposed to turn in an outline of the paper along with the final draft, so I need to be able to actually write out the outline).

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"Capsule Corpses EP" - Simple Minded x High Class Filth

[Image] these guys from the DMV are dropping an EP on tuesday called "Capsule Corpses". they call themselves "Simple Minded" (one of them is EZITO of ISH, another group from maryland and the other one is MiggFAM, another artist in the DMV), and the whole EP is produced by High Class Filth (he co-produced "Cocaine Castle" by ASAP Ferg) from what i understand. i'm guessing the whole EP supposed to have references/influences from dragon ball, but i doubt it's gonna be that "anime rap" type shit. they already dropped one song from it here: [URL]

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"Remember The 13th"

apparently nasa made "the biggest discovery that will shake the earth" and they're gonna announce it on november 13th. [URL] thoughts? (wish it was aliens)

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i just dropped an ep with my friends idk check it out

we're some kids that got bored and made an ep, some songs are kinda serious and some aren't. Raptor Crew [gay name] - Verano  [Image] (i didn't make the artwork and i don't even like it but yeah) stream here: https://soundcloud.com/kopm/sets/raptor-crew-verano download here: [URL] i want some opinions on it, i don't have any interest in trying to pursue a rap career (and i don't even listen to much rap tbh) but i wanna know how some of you feel about it.

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i just dropped a beat tape idk check it out

idk how to promote music without spamming niggas so i guess i'll post it here. KOPM - Impact [Image] stream it here: [URL] i actually want some brutally honest opinions on it.

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