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Collection of Hard To Find brands in Australia

Hey there guys, We all know how hard it is to buy things from Australia as our prices seem to be way jacked up to be 2 or 3 times more expensive than the rest of the world, but that's where Bonzerstore.com comes in. I am opening an online store January 2013 for men's Premium hard to find brands in Australia with the American price tag so you can save on time and money The confirmed stockists as of today are -Aloye -Geometricks -MINIMUM -NN07 -WOOD WOOD -YMC There are more to come within the next few weeks To keep up to date on more stockists head to facebook.com/bonzerstore Thanks and i hope you will come on through and take a look in January! Edit: After today the confirmed brands stand at Aloye Band Of Outsiders Buddy CASH CA Geometrick Kitsune MINIMUM nn07 Wood Wood YMC

2 Weeks ago in Australia