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Hype/Warm Up Songs

Can anyone suggest a playlist I can use for when I'm about to play a game. Even just posting your own is fine. Predominantly rap please, and no need to say the obvious/cliche songs everyone uses please.

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For the Air Jordan 3 True Blue

Do you think I'll have to camp out to get a pair? Or will I be able to walk in midday and cop em? I'm think I might be better off ordering them online now while they still have all of the sizes and shit, but I might not have the extra money for (I think it's 60 more with shipping). What do you think and or are going to do?

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Gifts for my cousin

My female cousin got me a gift for my birthday, so now I kinda feel like I have to get her a gift for her birthday. Any good gift ideas between $30-80 for a Junior in High School. She's Jamaican and does track if that helps any.

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My mom was telling me about this commercial that used to scare my older brother when he was a child. I was hoping that someone could help me find it or at least point me in the right direction. She described it as animated, with a head with a funny voice. She thinks it was a Wrigley's gum commercial but it could have been a gum commercial in general if her memory serves her right. It only aired for a few months between the years 1988-1989. Anyone have an idea of what she's talking about? Any input is greatly appreciated. EDIT: She said the commercial begins with the head coming together (like a paper machete or something) and then ends with it dispersing/disappearing.

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