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How to get a free iPad Vol. 1

[Embed content] lol @ the fatty just sitting back down & everyone not doing shit

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Pentax K-r - Smart purchase?

I'm thinking of buying the K-r, I have no experience or training at all. What attracts me to the camera is the fact that I can use any of the lenses that have ever been made for Pentax. Ideally I would purchase the camera body alone for 600-700 and some decent old lenses for 50-100. What do people think? Any other recommendations with the budget i'm working with?

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Website to desgin double finger ring

I used to have a website bookmarked that let you make your own double finger ring, i've deleted the site. Anyone know what i'm talking about? It was a girl who ran the business.

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Re-Sell Value for Adidas Metro - Star Package

I just got these a week back, and a few people I know are interested in buying them off of me. Theyre still dead stock, whats a reasonable price for me to charge? I paid 125+tax for them. [Image]

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Temple Effectives Camo Faux Far Hoody

Does any1 know how this runs? I normally wear L sized shirts and they fit me mid, lower bicep, you think Il get away with an XL hoodie? By that I mean not have it extra baggy, ganger banger style Thanks

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