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What stores should I visit?

Goodwill will have everything you need.

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Whats the worst way to die

[Image] Just kidding, but to be honest it would be drowning. Pain sucks, but at a certain point (and fairly quickly) you would reach severe levels of shock and pass out before you die. With drowning, it's a cocktail of physical and emotional pain that I shudder to even attempt to understand.

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The Chillest Songs Ever

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmsPeSEzcPc&list=PL-hQ8aq4Z9wbZwrjnqjo06r3gITyZvBLP&index=14 This song is very chill and gives you a deep feeling.

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Fuck subway employes doe

Man, I'm looking for a job and I applied at subway, I hope people don't think I'm a dick if I end up working there. I'll hook you all up, unless you come in with an attitude telling me you want Italian bread with an attitude. Shit, might as well give you sourdough and hope you don't notice the difference.

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