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Business Vol: I own that.

I know some of y'all HB users own a business. I was just curios to how you guys started it and what not. Like if you even went to college or anything also.

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My dog hurt it's butthole and needs Air Yeezy 2's

Aight so recently my dog hurt its butthole and needs Air Yeezy 2's to recover. If anyone wants to donate $5 – $10 via Paypal myself, and my family would really appreciate it. Pictures of estimate is up, and Im a long time member of this forum, and would never scam you guys. Nah mean? [Image] Ive already encountered some insensative pricks in the shoutbox, so please, keep the negative comments about putting my dog to sleep to yourself. Ive never had to ask anyone for money in my life, so this obviously is a very serious and sensative matter to me. hank you in advanced to anyone who donates, and all your good wishes are appreciated. His name is Rocky btw. Yall spend thousands on Supreme so help my dog out. Ronnel where you at?

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Questions And Suggestions For The Mods.

Bruh Why Don't We Have The Rep System Anymore? Bruh What Happened To The Location And Messenger Options We Had Next To Our Username? Bruh What Happened To Censoring The Word Nigga? Bruh What Happened To All The Smiley Emotions?

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HB Turned Soft

What happened to the beef? What happened to niggas actually trolling one another? What happened to the laughs? What happened to HB being a family? Now we got niggas bitching ever gawd damn second about be made fun of *cough Jacob cough* We got niggas threatening to snitch to mods *cough Kitty cough* We got mods who abuse their power and act like nerdy hall monitors *cough Jaden cough* We got niggas crying over the Supreme thread being shut down *cough all 2012 users cough* We got the lamest of niggas posting fits and thinkin they hot shit *cough Metememe cough* Bruh this forum used to be the best. You could literally do and say anything. Now niggas is too soft and turning this into some boring ass forum. Also RIP Ace.

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Are these legit?

Won these on ebay. Just wanna make sure they're legit before I pay. They look real, but I'm not a sneaker head so idk. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251051710497?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

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I'm new

I might be new, but I ain't no bitch made faggot like the rest of these niggas. I just wanna post some ignorant shit, laugh, and buy some Preme. Steeze God comin to fuck shit up. You wack ass niggas betta respect a real nigguh when ya see him. HB GANG TAKIN OVA DA INTERNETS! [Image]

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