[BLOODBATH] – 2016 Official Discussion Thread

NEW 2016 STYLES ARE AVAILABLE IN OUR [URL]  M-51 Parkas / MA-1 Bomber Jackets / Low Profile Cotton Hats / Coaches Jackets and more will be found Expect to see more heat from us for you to cop this year Editorial shot by: @shootspitter [Image]

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[Bloodbath] 2015 Official Discussion Thread

[Image] What's up Hypebeast Fam Happy new year to everyone and welcome to the 2015 Bloodbath Project Thread --  We're excited to reveal our upcoming projects and collections this year Stick around to see content & deals only to be found in this thread Any questions about our products can be asked and answered here as well Let's keep this thread interesting, let us know your thoughts on upcoming releases / what you'd like to see us do in the future Thanks for rockin' with us -Bloodbath Crew

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[Bloodbath] - 2014 Official Thread

Welcome to 2014 fam. We are looking forward to the year ahead and are excited to share what we've been working on.  Wish yall the best - lets kill shit. [Image]

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[Cast Shadow] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

[Image] www.Cast-Shadow.com www.shop.cast-shadow.com

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[Bloodbath] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

[Image] Check out our full line here http://www.shop.bloodbathproject.com

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[Cast Shadow] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

[Image] Be sure to hit up [URL]

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[Bloodbath] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

[B][I]BLOODBATH[/I][/B] Our name is meant to be remembered. By definition it is aggressive and violent. By design it is clean and simple. Think of it as a balance between opposites. Bloodbath is made up of two words. Blood means life, family, passion, sacrifice, and martyrdom. Bath means cleanliness, being fully immersed in what you do, as an enjoyable meditation. Our brand encompasses these aspects and strives to create quality clothing for people that want something different. Many brands claim a lifestyle, for us it's just style. It's not a way of life, its simply clothing created for those that really live. A mixture of statement, sentiment, and a story take part of every piece we make. I present Bloodbath's Holiday collection. [B][I]"We Are The Future"[/I][/B] [Image] For more info Be sure to hit up the blog and website! ourblood.bloodbathproject.com & Bloodbathproject.com

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Bloodbath x Fly Society Collabo

Just wanted to show all of you a sneak peek to a new collabo in the works. Bloodbath x Fly Society Big up to Felix, TK, H.I.T. & Currency! [Image] Sorry, the images are from the manufacturer so they are a bit blurry. Let me know your thoughts! Drop date to be announced sooooon. make sure to log on to [URL] for more info and updates on this collaboration. you can subscribe to our email list to receive our newsletter.

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