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Sydney fashion = fail

Sydney Fashion is fvcked take a trip to melbourne and find some decent mad styles...

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How to clean sneakers...?

Just a quick heads up on outsole yellowing... Outsole Yellowing occurs in midsoles when the factory producing your footwear cuts costs on a product called funily enought "Anti Yellow Agent". Its a chemical compound they use to mix into the rubber to obviously avoid the white midsoles turning yellow with UV radiation and other reactions that can occur in the air. Its actually built into the rubber compound... so preventing it is next to impossible... i have never tried it, and thus couldnt say it will or wont discolour your shoe anyway... but if your a complete sneakfreak crazy obsessive collector, if you're actually wearing your sneakers outside... perhaps some kind of UV protecting cream???. anyone else who's been able to avoid the "shoe cancer" let us know what you've done

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Beat Infrared 90's

here's a HOT tip for all of you... wash your hats in the Dish Washer..... you wont crumple the shape... i live to give.

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