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KarmaLoop to Australia

Hello all. It's my first time posting on these forums but I've wanted to ask something about KarmaLoop's shipping to Australia. So I ordered a Khaki-coloured HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO. bag about fifteen days ago. Ever since then, it hasn't arrived (or so I think). I might not have been home when it arrived nor am I sure if they called up (I used my father's number and he hasn't got a clue). I tried to use the tracking code they supplied but when I try to track it, DHL tells me there's no results for the tracking number. I sent an e-mail and got a reply telling me that the order may be "lost package" when I asked about what to do when the fourteen days have passed. Should I head to my local post office or maybe call up DHL/KarmaLoop? I was really excited when I ordered, but now my hopes have been lowered.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion