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Lacoste cardigans are really nice.

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WTB : Supreme S/S 09 Mountain Parka M

Hi, I want to buy the S/S 09 mountain parka in size M or L (i prefer M), in any color (green/blue > black > red/white). And shipped to France. Thank you.

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Help me name my dog

Chloe Nike but Bailey's pretty good.

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Jailbait Son!!!!!! (READ WARNING PG 1)


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Online stores

abakashop.com novoidplus.com vibes34.com appartement16.com onzemetrescarres.com riceandbeans.fr royalcheese.com

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Some fugly shits

Vans x Crooks is really ugly, or get the air max 90 id x Milskate shop, otherwise supra's are ugly, some alife's too (the one who looks like the era and has a nasty cw)

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Jordan V or Spiz'ike

There are no V cool grey ... Get grapes, laneys, fire reds, carolina, burgundy, olive or anything but no hybrids !

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Streetwear - Onlineshops in Europe...

My bad, i made a mistake was thinking about something else. Colette's shipping for other countrys than france went up, not a good idear to buy from them.

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Your Pornstar Name

Paul Auguste Got to say it in french.

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chicks with big feet

Haha, french girls rarely have big feet, like 7us gs is already quite big !

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What do you guys do

I think i'm going to do that family picture swapping next weekend >smh>smh

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what website do you spend most of your time on?

Sneakers.fr glltn.com highsnobiety.com hypebeast.com facebook myspace ebay

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Streetwear - Onlineshops in Europe...

hanonshop has OF too.

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Streetwear - Onlineshops in Europe...


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Alife in Europe?

Montpellier street city ;)

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