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Keychain necklaces?

can someone explain this shit to me. [Image]

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Describe your day (pictures only)


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Hangover Thread.

fuuuuck. i am hung overrr. smh

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I dont mind jerkin

serious, i dont even give a shit anymore. ive talked to some kids in my area that jerk and they seem fine. if you ask me, the way you guys hate on these kids, is just plain discrimination. theyre having fun with dancing and music, so what if they wear clothing that you wouldnt, that doesn't justify anything. /serious bitchfunk oh yeah, im bitch-made by the way, just wanna get that out of the way.

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how many and which substances have you fucked with? what do you wanna try? stories? Me: i fuck with the marijuana smoke on a regular basis, occasionally xanax, vicodin (yo, does this shit actually help you last longer in bed) and shrooms i really wanna try LSD

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HYPE of 2009

i'll start the list: yeezys obama swine flu go.

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HB Race War

just spitballin here but... YOU BEANERS IS PISSIN ME OFF.

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1up round 2

RULES: someone starts off a run by saying something i.e: "I want a puppy" then the next person must top them by "1up'ing" the previous persons sentence. i.e: "i want a dog" i.e: "i want a narwhal" repeat. once one run has gotten milked, someone is declared the winner, and a new run is started. GO!

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Bike riding music

trying to put together a playlist for when i ride. you know, some shit to get me pumped. i.e willy nelson - on the road again europe - cherokee cyndi lauper - girls just wanna have fun etc.

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Places where i can make bank on the internet.

ay, im trying to find a place like chacha.com or whatever where i can do easy shit and get paid. holla holla holla holla

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CMON guys, lighten the fuck up!

i got SUPER fucking excited last week when folks on here started getting a bit cheery, but it looks like your fell back into your usual internet-shit-talking, pissy, old selves. you guys got a serious case of the grumpies. lets all just fucking french kiss... please!

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How old were you when...

you saw your first penis? (yours doesnt count, silly) (nor does your fathers ^_^)

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looking for some glitch hop/glitch-hop remixes ratatat vs. Notorious BIG - Party and Bullshit eDiT vs. Artsy etc.

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Official party thread

hey guys. party over here. break out the bean dip. someone link some autoplays.

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