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slouch skinny question

They are ugly as shit, it looks like he's wearing two pairs of jeans

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What are you listening to?

Playlist Babe Ruth - The Mexican Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow Earth, Wind, and Fire - Love's Holiday

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Shopping alone : normal or loser-ish?

[Quote] For the win!!!

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Small DENIM Questions Thread

I'm thinking about buying the Levi CapitalE Hersher Boots jeans and they don't carry my size 31 but if I move up to a 33 and soak them in hot water what kind of shrinking am I looking at?

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[Quote] I'm sporting a massive erection...

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Opinion on Diesel

I've been lurking on the forums for awhile now and I have yet to see a thread on Diesel denim. Are they slevage and do they come STF? And should I buy them a size up if I'm looking for a little baggier fit?

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SMALL QUESTIONS THREAD (Use me instead of starting new threads)

Buisness casual for work, navy vneck sweater with light blue button up shirt. Flat front khakis with matching brown belt and shoes. For a more urban look go with grey khakis and black chucks.

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