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[PYKNIC] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

We just released our A/W range a couple weeks ago at [URL]

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50 Cent

What do you guys think of this guy? I think he's worn out. He's been trying to put out "club hits" lately to gain some fans but to no avail... I mean even Enrique Inglesias was able to accomplish that and his songs a hit on the radio Top 40 now. I mean 50 went even so low as to try to get Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent to collab with him. Dude's desperate. Looking back on his albums, dude's corny. I don't care he got shot 9 times. What do you guys think? I just hate hearing my two boys blast his played out shit from 2000 lol.

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Pyknic "Chef Barski" Vinyl


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Got everything on sale for 50% starting Midnight and for the whole day of August 4th. Use the code: fearlessfront at checkout. [URL]

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[PYKNIC] - 2009 Discussion Thread

[B]Some[/B] of the new Spring 09 Collection. Rest available at Pyknic's [URL]. [Image]

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[PYKNIC] - 2008 Discussion Thread

New hoodies- Faux fur with iPod pocket. [Image] Safety First, [URL] blushing

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