^^yup, if this thread was human id let him hit it

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[Quote] wut twist gtfo. we all damn know llyods slave ass aint going nowhere. everything will get back to normal in 2 episodes. and damn, wut seemed like a normal girl(ashley) all season long now gets all stalker on eric for no apparent reason? vince is fkn useless. turtle is a pussy. at this point, drama and ari but specially drama r the only ones holding the show together.

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True Blood Discussion

i liked the dialogue like always and i tought almost all the ideas were great but there just wasnt enough space for all that happened in an 1 hour episode. some parts suggested lazy writing and rushing, like jason and andy getting turned in 0.1 sec after all the epic building up. only a very decent final to something that couldve been major IMO.

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