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Watch Downton Abbey*Season 3 Episode 9 -Online Free Stream megavideo|| 3x9

And in case anyone has forgotten the fate of our late footman William Mason, one need look no further than Daisy’s late husband to see that goodness is never long for this world. Lady Sybil dies as a result of eclampsia, and though the episode attempts to lull the viewer into a false sense of security, I found myself wondering if any other viewers felt the creeping sense of impending tragedy, a dread hanging over every other moment in the episode, until the preventable became inevitable.Watch Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 9 Online, Downton Abbey  3x9 Free, Watch Downton Abbey  S03E3 Online Full Episode, Watch Downton Abbey  Season 3 Episode 9  Online Free From Downton Abbey  Season 3 Episode 9, Watch Downton Abbey  Season 3 Episode 9 Online, Downton Abbey  3x9 Free, Watch Downton Abbey  S03E3 Online Full Episode, Watch Full Episode : [URL] I found it weird that I was choking up over a character that the narrative had done such a good job of weening us off of, but then the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) lost out to her grief, and I was done. “The sweetest spirit under this roof” indeed. And all this, while Cora and Tom are awash in desperate, panicked tears, begging her not to leave them. It’s as profoundly messed-up as TV deaths get in this day and age, hardly affording us the quick rip of the sudden “What the hell just happened?” death, and leaving us to stew in our panic as we hope for an eleventh hour reprieve. From Matthew’s (Dan Stevens) sudden recovery from paralysis to Cora’s recovery from Spanish Influenza, it’s not as though Downton hasn’t dabbled in miracles before. But there’s no miracle forthcoming here, and as Sybil slips away, and the distant cries of her newborn daughter break the stunned silence, we’re left with nothing but the Crawleys’ (and perhaps our own) unassailable grief. This is beautifully filmed, with authenticity and societal values inherent in both script and acting. The story weaves in and out of two layers of society -- the masters and the servants -- giving us glimpses into the power struggles occurring on each level, and the colourful characters who inhabit both.

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