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[WTB] Nike SB's US 11.5, 12, 12.5 ,13 !!!


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What clothing company is this?

[Quote] what the fuck LOL.

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[WTB] Nike SB's US 11.5, 12, 12.5 ,13 !!!

My Nike SB Wanted list is as follows. Nike Dunk De La Soul High / Low Nike Dunk Tiffany Nike Dunk Purple Pigeons Nike Dunk Unkles Nike Dunk Mr + Ms Pacmans High / Low Nike Dunk Goofy Boy High / Low Nike Blazer Purple / Black 2009 GR. US Sizes, 11.5 12 12.5 13 - yes, i fit all those sizes blushing

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whats the difference in box color for nike SB?

when do they next change them

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How much was your outfit today?

Lee shirt -

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Official Varsity Jackets Thread

[Quote] ohh shit, where do i find the Artinero and Aruge by Tamaron ones? if that's even what it says?! where to cop! blinkyeyes&)smh

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Sponsored Karmaloop Sale Thread

2 post's? they all do except sofinesse.

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[Mishka] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

[Quote] cheers for clearing that up, and make a uk webstore!

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Patta Hookup.

anyone with access to the Patta store in NL, i would really apreciate a hookup for the up and coming release of the Burgandy / light blue Air max 1's that i think are Patta in store only, in a UK 10.5 - 12. any help drop me an IM. cheers

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Your sneaker to buy/wish -list this spring/summer?

Some Vans era's whatever nice colorways i see. Van's zapato del barco Patta AM1's Burgandy (if i can get a dutch hookup) white plimsoles Campus Vulc Mid - red adi-Ransom Valley mid grey Some dunk hi's or something. any limited release i can get my hands on!

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So what do you call this kinda pants?

you wants Jeans with a tapered leg? sometimes these are just called Tapered Jeans. sometimes they can be called Carrot Fit Jeans, as they go from wide into a slim fitting.

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Whats in your coin pocket?

Peng greeeen weeeeeeeeeed.

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Color matching?

^ ^ ^ FUCK YOU. dont answer if you dont want to. no need to be a cunt about it. stfu

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yeah i need to get a load in. mine are getting outdated man! any good sites?

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Supreme UK

[QUOTE=Whatyoumean?;2352529]i was looking for online aswell.. im sure i have been on a site awhile back which had online in

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