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Official NBA Discusion Thread

I almost forgot Dirk had a high fever when they last played against the Heat. I think that is how you know you are a good player though. When you know you cant but you do not let it get the better of you and push beyond your limits. He was showing some weakness but he came up when it really mattered most. Kudos to him though Jason Kidd, would still be my man here. He's not getting any younger so he should get the ring now.

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Tech Deck

Wow, you have a collection there. I remember when I used to play this mini skateboards when I was in forth grade. I made my own mini skate park at home and I really enjoyed it. This has got to be one of my frustrations, be a pro skateboarder as my "career" was outright stopped with a foot injury I suffered when I was still starting out. The doctor, or I guess my mom through the doctor, said that this could happen again and I could very well just stop now and save myself from further damage.

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Scariest Movies You've Seen !

I am not really a ringer for scary movies because I do not get easily scared especially those with gore or even those weird looking creatures in the movie. Yes, they would give you the occasional thrill that you are looking for but they would not stick with you when the movie's done. That is why I like the ones that mimic real life. For me, the scariest ones are those made by Japanese directors. The original version of the eye and the other ones on that line.

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Wii U Official Discussion Thread

I think being able to come up to par with the level of graphics the xbox and the play station has been offering is really a great news but I am not that swooned over its tablet-esque controller. It would feel like you are holding a different console when you have that thing. They would have their share of market but it is not working out for me. I hoped they just stuck with what they know best.

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