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What Video Game are You Playing

I got borderlands a month ago, and i'm still playin it like crazy. It's exciting opening a chest and seeing if you got anything rare.

2 Weeks ago in Gaming


As much as i love them, don't play with one in the middle of the night. I woke up my roommate with the buzzing sound from the yomega brain.

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts


Make sure you're hydrated, but don't drink too much water. My boxing coach forgot to tell me and i ended up puking from drinking too much water then running.

2 Weeks ago in Sports

Best Pick Up Lines Ever

You guys need to try this. "Hey, you have something stuck on your face...a smile" gets them every time.

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Favorite Nintendo DS Games

I loved Ghost Trick. The only problem is that the game has zero replayability.

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

What were you afraid of as a child/now?

the episode with the pool monster scared the shit out of me when i was a kid.

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Black Demim

i got an old pair of black diesels that wear when i need something black. that reminds me. I still haven't gotten them hemmed yet.

2 Weeks ago in Denim

What Jeans Did You Have and Getting Next?

Current : WG indigo Want: NF stainless steel

2 Weeks ago in Denim

Short-Sleeve Button Ups

Sometimes i like to roll up the short sleeves a little more. it creates a nice old school greaser look. it works for me.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

The Official Naked & Famous Denim Thread

my god, those red fades were beautiful in a strange way.

2 Weeks ago in Denim

The Walking Dead

I was watching the show and was getting wicked amped after reading the comics. blinkyeyes my reaction when they showed the tank. And you know what, the tank was in the comics, for about a panel. Show was still awesome. I even got the gf to watch it with me.

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

The Official Levi's Thread

Do you know what size i should get in Levi's selvedge Trucker jackets if I wear a 38R in suits? And show me your fade pics if you got them. (pretty please)

2 Weeks ago in Denim

The Official Naked & Famous Denim Thread

Does any body have the red weft jeans? I've seen pics of them new, but i have never seen any of them faded. Really curious to see how they turn out.

2 Weeks ago in Denim

What is your most favorite brand of denim?

I'm throwing in a vote for N&F. The cuts just seem to fit me right, mostly the weird guys.

2 Weeks ago in Denim