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Legit Check Help -- Ironheart IH-666Sod

Hey all, long story short, had a good NYE chat with a buddy about raw d. (HA. never gets old), and he mentioned someone he knows bought a pair of IH's about a month or so ago and was looking to sell them... SO, without further adue, I'm looking for a bit of a hand with evaluating his pair of IHs: They are the Devils, IH-666S, overdyed version (IH-666Sod), Indigo 18oz Raw Selvedge Denim Slim Cut Jean, and the guy says that they've been worn 3 times and wants to sell them to me for $75USD as he gained weight around the time he bought them and they just weren't working for him. Here are some of the pictures which he sent me: [URL].  That along with the fact that he said he wore them 3 times within a month or so makes me a bit sceptical; people always lie about the wear, so I'm guessing it's about 10 or 20 times based on the combs already coming in and the patch getting less raw/darkening into a tanned/worn leather look. Curious to have some second, third, as many opinions as possible to make this worthwhile; the price is definitely good for a pair of them with minimal wear if they are authentic at least. Thanks! -BdH

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Anyone know what shoes these are?

Just watched that new random rap video the Manning bros made for Direct TV's new Football Fantasy and noticed Eli's kicks. Been looking for a chill colorway of red on black like these... just curious if anyone knows what they are?   Much appreciated! [Image]

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Questions on Cuffing, Stacks, and Knee Bulges

Hey all, quick questions for probably frequently asked issues here I'm guessing, regarding cuffing denim, epic stacks, and knee bulges... 1. Curious about any good techniques to cuff denim nicely so they they don't roll out (as of.. let's say you cuffed them with around ~1" of selvedge showing, and then they eventually roll out to like 2" after walking around during the day... how to prevent this.) 2. Any tips/tricks on training your denim to stack nicely? Like how to get rid of stacks piling up really wide and flaring out a bit instead of being nice tight stacks?  I know that a friend of mine always taught me to pull the leg up to my knee so that the denim naturally stacked, and then slowly pull it back down and pull the backs of the leg back so it prevented stacks from flaring out, and kept them tighter.. maybe someone has other similar tips? 3. Finally, I bought a pair of N&F Weird Guys from a friend who is roughly the same size and height (he stopped wearing them after gaining a bit of weight... still havent even been washed, 9.5/10 condition). Anyways, I think this pair has a slight bulge at the knees from how he wore them, and I was just curious anything can be done about that? It isn't the end of the world but especially with the Weird Guy taper/cut I feel like it looks a little more strange than usual. I'm guessing soaking them to shrink them down is all I can do, and then hope that it will shrink the bulge, which won't bulge/stretch out again there since that was from he wore them, and not how they currently fit me? I am a little reluctant to give them their first wash/soak only a few months into their lifetime, so maybe I'll hold off longer on that, but I'm just trying to get more knowledgeable about what can be done [Image] ----------------------------- TL;DR -   Curious about training raw denim (cuffing techniques and getting nice even stacks), as well as fixing knee bulges. ----------------------------- Thanks for reading, and for any insights and information anyone can give me (inb4 boil them or iron in nice fades/stacks... ffs lol) EDIT:  Excuse the messed up formatting after posting... dunno what happened.

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[WTB] (Size 9.5-10) Various shoes/boots with Tan Soft Leather/Suede colorways

Sorry for the somewhat unclear and broad description in the title, however I am looking for something along the lines of a nice light brown/taupe shoe that goes well with dark indigo washes (APC's mainly). Kicks which have the look that I'm thinking of...  I'm looking for anything along these looks and colorways in a size 9.5-10: -  [URL] Looking for anything which has a fresh look, so please post any kicks you're trying to sell that fit the description! Thanks for bearing with my noobness on these forums lol... long-time reader, recent poster! - BdH

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Total Style Noob Looking For Help =/

I'm gonna go hella fit noob for a bit here (I'm still learning the ins and outs here...) and ask for what a good starter/cheaper shoe is to go with the whole "light colored shirts, deep indigo jawns, honey/reddish chestnut leather colored kicks " crisp style would be...  I don't even know if it has a name.. I just know that it's in and looks freshhhh. The style I'm thinking is with deep indigos... APC's etc since everyone loves em and I own two pairs lol... and kicks of this shade... [Image] ---------- The extent of my knowledge is that I know the boots are Redwings, and have heard that they might be a good place to start, but other than that I know nothing... sorry to disappoint anyone here haha... I'm totally trying to learn how to complete that style and make it all crisp and come together right! Knowledge is power lol, please lend me a hand! Thanks a bunch!!   I hope I don't get flamed too badly lol

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WTB: Supra - Henry Wax Suede Sz. 9.5-10.5?

Looking to buy a pair of these in the classic Black/White colorway, and as far as sizing goes, I usually wear around a 9.5-10, sometimes opting for the 10 since my feet are wide. I have a pair of Suicidal x Vans Eras which I got 10's in and they are still a little snug across the toebox, so I don't know if I should go for a 10.5 in these, or just stay with the 10. Anyways, these are the exact ones I'm looking for, so let me know if you have a pair up for sale! : [Image] (http://caliroots.com/caliroots/product.asp?id=29689) Thanks for looking~!

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Nike AF1’s Uptowns 07 – Toe Pain… HELP!

Hey all, just had a question I was hoping someone on here would be able to help me out with... Bought a pair of AF1's Uptown Classics White/White the other day, and while wearing them the first day all was well, I totally love em and they go well with my fits. Problem here is about the 3rd day of wear, when they started to crease a little over the toes, it creases right into/onto my big-toe's joint and exerts a TON of pressure onto it, and it becomes immediately painful within 3 steps even on a new morning. The 3rd day when I noticed my toe was hurting after wearing them around for 6 hours or so, when I came home I immediately took them off and noticed it actually bruised the joint/knuckle of my big-toe. The sizing for these shoes is fine for me I believe... I usually wear 9.5 in casuals and these are just the same.... I don't know what I can do, I love these shoes and I want to be able to wear them but I can't do much as far as breaking them in while they kill my foot like this. I think it has to do with how it creased since my right foot is fine, but my left is in almost unbearable pain when I try to just walk around my room in them even. Hopefully someone has experienced this, or has a suggestion on what I can do... I dunno if I should petroleum jelly + alcohol the leather to soften it, or what else I can do... =/ Thanks all ahead of time for reading! -BdH-

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White/Black 3Sixteen Hooded-Blazer (Small or Medium)

3Sixteen Hooded-Blazer sized Small or Medium... ( Do you have it? ) ( Sell: ) ??? [brownie points for knowing the reference] [Image] I think this thing looks hella stylin, maybe someone on here who has it might be able to enlighten me a bit about it? I think the silver-zip on the pinstripe black is a solid look, not 100% set on the white though. Thanks for looking!

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'08 3sixteen All-City Hoody (Black)

Hey all, I've been looking for this all over, and have not been able to come across it... I was hoping someone might have one lying around and want to have it sold! Here's some pictures I am using with HHZ's permission from his FS thread(he sold it awhile back) : [Image] I'd absolutely kill for this thing, I've had a fit crush on it since I've seen it! Let me know guys! Thanks for lookin! ~ JJ [BdH] (pic thread source: [URL]) Thanks bro.

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Thinking of a new fresh blue hoodie... suggestions?

Well well, it's that time again... you can always count on spring time for copping some nice fresh colorful clothing! I'm thinking I should start rocking a bit more blue with my look since I have blue eyes and have been assured that blue is a great color on me when I have worn a nice blue supra tee in the past. I'm pretty white so I don't want to go for something which will totally pale me out, so now I am just looking for the right shade/fit as well in a hoodie. I am looking for something which is fitted also so I dont have some hoodie which is hella baggy around my waist and stuff like that so that's kind of where I am at as far as my thought process. Anyone happen to have any suggestions on some brands they have seen rocked out nicely with a clean, fresh look to them???

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[WTB] Black & Blue Cross Cut Flannel

Hey all, just wondering what anyone has to offer that they are looking to get rid of as far as a black & blue crosscut patterned flannel goes. I am looking for a flannel which will be fitted and in a size Medium. Let me know the condition the one you are looking to sell is in also! Looking for a pattern or style like these, typically something that will look nice with just a plain white tee on underneath! (just not 10deep... sorry that certainly ain't my brand lol): [Image] Let me know what you guys have to offer and I will try to see a brand and style that would work for me! Thanks for looking!

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Peacoat Comparison - Anyone have some advice?

Hey there all, long time reader here, just haven't been super duper involved in the community sadly smh... UNTIL NOW THAT IS :D! I was looking into some peacoats, and military-style jackets for the fall/winter and have come to the conclusion that possibly I will go with a peacoat. Now it's on to step 2 tongueface I have taken a look at a few and narrowed it down to a couple peacoats that I like the styles of, and the main criteria I am looking for (if anyone happens to have any suggestions) are: tailored/slim fit, and black. Budget-wise I don't want to go all-out for a jacket so around $150 or less. (I only raised my budget for one I like here which you will see now! blushing) Also, some details about myself to do with fit, I am fairly broad shouldered, so if some styles fit differently I should probably make a choice based on that, I am 19years old, male of course lol, and 5'10. I used to wear large tees but recently lost some weight so I can wear and prefer a slim-fit/tailored fit (in tees at least). To build on that, I am wondering if since I would wear Medium tees/longsleeves etc. Should the peacoat be in a large since it would have a layer beneath??? Anyways, enough questions lol. These are the two I am interested in and I feel are the type I am looking for: The Hillard Jacket in Black, Men's Jackets By Obey [URL] Prices as you can see are $104 for the Obey, and $148 for the GUESS Hopefully you guys have some opinions on them or have any other comments and suggestions which would be able to help me out! Thanks so much everyone and I am happy to start contributing to the community like I should have been since square one! blushing

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Air Max 1 Sizing?

Sorry if this question has been asked a lot, but after looking through past threads my question still hasn't been answered =/ I wear a size 10 in af1s with a little room in the toe box, I was wondering what size should I be getting in air max 1s? I'm not anywhere near a store to go try things out....help would be appreciated

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Help Me Hypebeast Music Heads

[URL] What is that amazing intro music in the beginning? Hopefully it's not an random looped beat that 'ye decided not to use. Haha first post, I'll be contributing more in the future blushing

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