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[FS]Simpsons Vans sz 11

I have 2 pairs of simpsons vans. I want 250$ firm + shipping for both pairs. Fisrt is the Futura 2000 Apu Sk8 mids [Image] both pairs are deadstock and have been sitting in my closet since the release of the simpsons movie. Meetups are ok PM me or email me at [email]rgutierrez@yahoo.com[/email]

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Suspended from school, stupid......

I go to this mad christian bible beater school. I was in the computer lab looking at pics of Neckface's art, when the assistant dean walks by and sees SATANS BRIDE. BEAT YOUR KIDS. THE DEVIL PLAYS BASKETBALL. 666 and all this "satanic" shit that neckface is known for. Anyways, someone has been etching upside down crosses and stuff like that into the walls and church pews, so now i have a rep of being some devil worshiper, and i am suspended. Whats even funnier is that i was planning to wear my supreme satan shirt for free dress the next day. whatever.

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I need help getting the new Sukerukun the one with the dekurun King style helmet and the clear skin and black bones. I will send you the necessary funds once you confirm that it is avaliable and that you can purchase it. I will send money for the item and shipping and i will include 5% of th eretail price for your troubles. thank you

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Slim Jim, Even Stevens, Grim Tims. Whats the diff??

i saw the grim tims and the even stevens on the self edge site and i just wanted to know what the difference was and what the best overall style was. Which ones get the best fades. Just post your previous experience with these.

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Neighborhood Stuff

I was just wondering what stores in the US , more specifically in California, sell Neighborrhood clothing or if its just a Japan thing, what sites sell it. Another questions, on the Neighborhood denim, what size would best fit a size 34/36 waist?

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Denim elasticity

I got some cheap mondays a month ago and i got them size 34w. I wore them expecting them to stretch a little, but now they feel like 38's there tight on my thighs but there loose on my waist. Is stretching something that can be stopped or will it happen no matter what? Also does stretching vary by brand. I know not all denim is equal, but will Nudies stretch alot? I am hoping to pick up a pair and i am wondering if i should be true to my size or size down

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Active X Vans Half Cab

Anyone feelin these? Im kinda looking forward to see what the Active X Nike dunk will be like. These will not be avaliable through the internet or mail order [Image] The other color way can be seen at: [URL]

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Dunk "swap meets" in LA

Hey this kid sent me a myspace message about some kind of dunk exchange that goes down like once a month in some starbucks near La Brea. I was just wondering if anyone else has heard of this. I know that there is an actucal DunkXchange that takes place in Orange county.

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Supreme X fila release dates?

i was looking on some of the sites that sell Supreme stuff and i noticed that they already had the filaXsupreme polos and sweatbands. I previously talked to some of the guys at Supreme and they said it wouldnt be out till summer. Can any one elp me out, i really want the headbands.

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Dyeable denim?

Im looking for colored denim, i saw a similar thread but i also wanted to know about The Hundreds because i saw somewhere that they were seling some denim for dying. I think supreme had some red denim. Maybe i could just buy some white denim levis and dye them.

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Futura digicamo pointman

Im looking for one if anyone has it here. Can someone tell me what the msrp is on one of these, i saw one for 150$ then some for 90$. I really want one so if somneone could get back to me with this info it would help alot.

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Supreme april 12th

will there be alot of people waiting for the new vans and thew other drops? i really hope i dont have to get there early like when the supreme sk8 hi's came out. I only know that the shoes and the oakleys are dropping on the 12th anyone know anything else?

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Supreme X Fila

Anyone know where to cop the new Supreme Vans and the fila x supreme headbands. The headbands are badass! Anyone know if they'll drop at Supreme LA? Anyone know what the msrp will be?

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Evisu X Puma

Are they worth it? I think i might get it for my birthday or some cheap mondays. I really like the raw regular fit, anyone have some feedback on em?

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School New York Trip

Im going to be going to new York all next week for a school trip. I need help finding stores and places to eat. Our hotel is going to be in Soho, so i would like to know any shops where i can find nice jeans(evisus, samuri, etc), nice shirts(10 deep, bape, etc), nice kicks ( fight club), and nice places to eat(not too expensive but tasty). Our itinerary is packed so only give me places that are a MUST VISIT place, we only have a few hours of free time so please tell me the best places to go. ps: are I heart NY shirts easy to get cause alot of people want me to get them one.

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