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Anyone else not into sports?

I was mostly into punk rock and skateboarding growing up so I never cared about sports. I was in marching band in high school for my PE requirement and just did weight training after that. Guys always try to make small talk with me about sports at the store or whatever but I never know what "game" they're talking about. I'm not like a wimpy dude or a slacker punk either. I'm just more into music and movies than sports.

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Dr. Dre is about to be the first rap billonaire vol. Started From the Bottom, Now We Here

http://www.forbes.com/sites/briansolomon/2014/05/08/report-apple-closing-in-on-dr-dres-beats-for-3-2-billion/ Not bad for a boy from Compton smokeyface

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What kind of car is a "6"

I hear rappers bragging about a car called a 6 so much. For example, Kurupt says "Still drive the 6. I don't fuck with the Bugatti" in Schoolboy Q's The Purge. I thought they were talking about the 6 series BMW but I've been hearing references to the 6 for like 20 years and the current version of the 6 series wasn't even out in the 90s.

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Into music memorablilia? Check out my Instagram @musicmongrelent

I started an Instagram to show off my music memorabilia collection and promote projects I'm working on. I've been going to shows since 2002 and I've worked in the music industry for about 2 years so I have a bunch of rare stuff from shows or that I stole from video shoots. If you're into early 00's punk/emo or rap you'll like it a lot. Thanks for the follow or checking it out. [Image]

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Delete thread

delete please

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Happy 1017 Bricksquad Day

Burrrrrrr [Embed content]

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I think my xbox is haunted

This happened for the second time last night. The first time I was playing Bioshock and my xbox froze then showed this image on the screen. I had to restart my xbox to get rid of it. [Image] I have never seen either of these images and I dont even know how to search for images on xbox live. Has this happened to anyone or has anyone heard of this?

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[FS] Supreme Bling Box Logo Tee Medium

$45 shipped. Brand new, never worn. [Image]

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Pickpockets in New York

So I'm going to NY next week and my mom just called me saying her friend's daughter lives in New York there's a big pick pocketing problem. What's good? This true?

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Coach Mens Accessories

Does anyone have experience with coach wallets/bags? I didn't know coach even made mens stuff until a few weeks ago. Is coach respected in the leather game? Is it homo to rock a coach wallet? Info plz.

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Hard Bottom streetwear shoes?

I have to wear hard shoes at work but I was wondering if nike or anyone like that made cool shoes so I don't look like a nerd. It's a biz casual environment so I can wear a polo and jeans but I wanna swag out in some fresh hard bottoms. Didn't supreme make hard bottom shoes one season?

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Official xBox 360 Thread

I couldn't find the old thread so I made a new one. I've been using a flash drive to save games and I unplugged my xbox to move it last night. Now the xbox isn't finding my drive and wants me to configure it. Is there anyway around this? I tried removing the flash drive and putting it back in and restarting the xbox but nothing has work.

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Bad Ass (Epic Beard Man the movie)

[Embed content] [Image] I swear to god someone better call the amber lamps in this movie.

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Man misses mouse, accidentally shoots his roommate, which reveals his other roommate is a pedophile

I wanna party with these guys http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/12/22/man-misses-mouse-and-shoots-roommate-revealing-child-rapist/#.TvZ-q9RR9qw.facebook

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Siri is a real street bitch


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