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Poker face

nyc poker league mostly highschool kids tourney 1 a week pm me if u want in

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aim for blackberry

how u do it i used to have it idk how no mo

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official interpol thread

holy shit they r soo good i love them lol [URL]

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central park

who here smokes in central park like in the great lawn and shit im down to blaze everryday lol

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college visits

yeo im a senior and i gotta go on some college trips soon... anyone else? where u ppl headed? im in nyc, i gotta go to ithica, indiana, miami, nyu, and buncha other places any one else goin on trips to places? i wouldnt mind sched shit w ppl usually id go for a day or 2, so i got someone to chill w at least, no homo

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kind of over nikes...

i think im over the whole nike thing i sold alot of my nikes, partly cuz im goin to college soon and partly cuz im lookin for a more mature look like if anyones got suggestions of wut to look into... i bought 2 pairs of boatshoes recently those were dope but i like the ubiq eL shoe...if anyone has suggestions to shoes that look like that.... put it here

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rolling advicee

lol i realize this is not a marijuana website, but there is a huge thread asking if you are a stoner so fuck it do u guys roll blunts, dutches, or js?? ive become pretty good at all 3 but i hate like choosing idk mayb this is rediculously stupid thread... but what do u guys like more? i would say a philly if they were bigger, which is why a dutch is good..but its so much work so idk

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songs that touch you

Kinda like the songs that make you cry thread (which is great) but it doesn't necessarily have to b sad... Jus songs that touch you positively and give you positive outlook, or songs that touch you negatively and make you re evaluate ur priorities Consequence - don't forget em Cormega - R U My N****? Gritz - Ooh Ahh Hed PE - The Meadow... Couple for now Oh oh and Nas - sometimes i wonder... This could go on and on thou ill put more later Also might b a thread like this dunno I'm a pretty new user, so jus delete if there is

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How does one actaully lose weight??

how does one actually lose weight??? ive heard eat 6 times a day, ive heard eat 3 times a day and ive heard at least 100 different things ur supposed to eat and not eat WTFFF i been wanting to lose weight forever and i wanna drop like 30lbs anyone know anything that will actually help? anyone had sucess w anythin?

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