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MP3 player

hey guys i was looking for a new mp3 player, was thinking about getting a cowon d2 ([URL]) but not sure if its worth it, guys have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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i guess im in, Basil

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nether, both are/(will) have 1. mad fakes 2. uglyness 3. to expensive for a shitty full zip 3. everyone and there moma has it(also falls under number 1) Just get something better with your money. of course this is IMO so its up to you

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

I'm at school right now...

[Quote] omg burn that was a good blast from the past, er 2 months whatever

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dope am1, keep on keeping on!

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Nike SB Premium Snakeskin Dunk low

now they sell shit? how unexpected

2 Weeks ago in Nike

Ever find something dope at a THRIFT STORE?

ive found a few limited kid robot shirts at thrift stores and a pair of un-supas(if thats what theys till call them) the only reason i dont go more is that it smells

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Help vote for my sneaker!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

i would, but its just like a photoshop not a real custom

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What Video Game are You Playing

starcraft, i just reserved sc2!

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+1 for vicious i think this thread lost all seriousness when he misspelled africans

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Kids picking on the helpless in NYC: vid.

the only funny thing was the garbadge bag but stealing random peoples shit is messed up, one of them should just get stabbed real good and teach them a lesson.

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Supreme Blazers or Send Helps/Purple Avengers?

well you should pick the shoe that you like but i think spending more than 250 for send helps is rape, and non p/l avengers for more than 250 also seems like a lot but for me even though 300 is rape for them id go with the blazers just because i have only seen one other person irl wear them but i see people in non p/l avengeres and send helps a lot BUT ITS YOUR SHOE PICK IT!

2 Weeks ago in Supreme

Red Monkey Jeans

[Quote] wha???

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Deck your skating


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hey guys i was wondering if Patriot is a good company to buy ram from, i found a great deal and dont want to buy it if its shitty, thanks in advance.

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