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[Official] - Robb Bank$ Discussion Thread

Its crazy the way you guys talk about his character like he is someone in a position of power. He's a rapper, not a politician. He's not obligated to tell the world about his life and when the world finds out he's lying, he still not obligated to tell the truth. It seems like the only reason he lies about any of the things he does lie about is to keep the focus on the music instead of the storyline of his life. It seems like he knew his life was going to be hard to explain to fans and doesnt seem like the type of guy to just go around telling his life story in every interview. thats probably why he has done so limited amount of interviews since his popularity has grown, jut too kind of clear the air. But if you stop fucking with a rapper because of his personal life you too emotional. would you stop going to your lawyer if he told you he was happily married but actually had been in 2 divorces? thats up to yall but Its not relevant to his career but its more based on his character.  But yeah, Robb banks makes good music, point blank.

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Still available?

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[FS] DS/HEAT 96'-Presnt Jordan DB2-9, Nike SB, Lebron, Foam sz 9-11

Oreo 4's Size and price?

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Atlanta Shops

I wish atlanta was live on here ...

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