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[Uniqlo] 2014 Official Discussion Thread

anybody have experience with those unsodo steteco shorts? not the uniqlo steteco pants

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Official 5 Panels/ Camp Caps Thread

[Quote]all-over sperm pattern

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Official 5 Panels/ Camp Caps Thread

this might sound dumb but i got a question. so im like a large human, 6'5, and camps tend to look fucking retarded on me (big head + tiny hat = wackkk). does anyone know which/of any brands that make larger camps/5-panels?

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dope rings

monsieur has some cool ones on karmaloop for decent prices

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The official jogger pants thread

does anyone know a brand that makes longer ones? ive been on the hunt for joggers/slim sweatpants that wouldnt look dumb af on me. im 6'5 and it seems like every decent pair of joggers ive come across have <29" inseams

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beat to shit vans >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> clean vans keep em broe, the stench will keep haters away

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Black boots/ high top trainers?

cant go wrong with some all black sk8 hi's

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Flyknits vol. if you finna cop

hmmmmmmm.... to kawp the Racers or Trainers... i think i like the racers more, but idk if theyre worth $30 extra now that the trainers are on sale. thoughts?

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skinny/slim cargo pants

dockers alpha, i have a pretty decent gap pair, found some levis 513 cargos at macys. good for the price point. for higher quality i'd look at j brand or gant rugger

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The Official Naked & Famous Denim Thread

i'm trying to figure out which size/style i should get with these. i like the fit of the skinnyguy fit TTS, but i have pretty wide calves and skinny thighs, which can make jeans that slim look weird. waist is 33/34, thighs are 22, calves are 17 and i'm 6'5" those of you that have either skinnyguy or weirdguy, any insight on the tightness of the calf? i'd rather not get the slimguys, but i dont want my jeans to hug the fuck out of my calves.

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