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hey hb i need to sell these jeans here too small for me worn a hand full of times by me i take money order only im located in LA Skulls 50-10 black sz.28 , never washed and no alterations, still in really good condition looking for about 125 shipped, pretty firm on it, or if u have apc new cures or ps i'll trade if they are in a good condition check here for measurements [URL] This week only 100 shipped!!!!! [Image] check the sig for refs have much more on bapetalk

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[FS] Sz.M Ice Cream tee,Supreme flannel,playclothes.....heat for cheap

hey hb i need to get rid of this stuff fast so help me out i take money order,meat ups, and concealed cash only so make me a reasonable offer and we can work from there i respond fast to pm's so just hit me up there or aim i got some refs here in the sig but i have much much more on bapetalk sz.M worn 1 time still in perfect condition,smells new and looks new [Image]

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[WTB] Vans W-taps,any model except for highs sz.8.5-9.5

hey hb im looking for some vans w-taps pretty much any model is ok with me except for the high ones im looking for ds or close to ds stuff hit me up with a pm i will respond pretty quick thanks i also have this stuff for trade if u are intersted [URL]

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[WTB] Gray Air yeezys sz.8-9.5 new or used

hey hb if u have any gray yeezys that are new or used and want to sell them to me then let me know any colr is fine too if they are used and u are going to sell it cheaper then usual im not going to pay rape price im sz. 8-9.5 pm me or aim me ty

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[FS] Play Clothes Crew necksz.L

hey hb i got this crew neck here that has been discontinued i only wore it 2 times lightly still in perfect condition i would prefer money order sz.L 70 shiped takes it [Image]

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[FS] Huf Burberry/White supreme box logo fitteds sz.7 1/4

hey hb i got these 2 hats up for sale both are pretty rare i only take money order,meetups,and trades im willing to add cash on top im sz. S and M and wear 28-30 for jeans the supreme hat is a pretty rare color way havent seen too many before the Huf burberry hat needs no explaining, u guys know how rare that is burberry hat is DS and the supreme hat has been worn 1 time OFFER UP new prices-huf burberry=50 shipped, 85 shipped for both [Image]

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[WTB]Jordan 3's black and red sz.9-9 1/2

hey hb im looking for these jordan 3s that are black and red in sz. 9 or 9 1/2 send me a pm or comment if u got these im looking for something that is still in good condition ty

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[FS]Dior MII 19cm sz.30, BBC cargo shorts sz.L DS

hey hb i have these 2 iteams i want to sell i dont want trades unless it is something really good trades sz. S and M Dior MII 19cm sz.30/33 (i got these hemmed to 33) these pants are ds, only been tried on great pants, just too big for me Bin-180 shipped other cash offers are welcomed that are reasonable [Image]

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[FS] BBC fitted sz. 7 1/8

hey hypebeast i have this bbc fitted that i want to sell i only accept money order or concealed cash(at own risk) i have much more feedback on bapetalk if u need it this has been worn 1 time and still is as fresh as can be ofer up! [Image] ty for looking

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[FS] BapeXUncle,BBC,and Ice Cream sz. L and M

hey hypebeast i've got this tee that i want to sell i only use concealed cash or money orders im located in LA i dont do meet ups though, sorry i have lots of feedback on bapetalk TAKING TRADES IN SZ M & S ONLY AND OTHER DESIGNER GOODS this tee is limited to about only 125 made u arnt going to see this anywhere else so dont sleep on this it has been washed 1 time and is in super condition no tears,or signs of wear offer up [Image] ty for looking

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Official L.A Lakers thread


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[WTB] Uniqlo T-000 sz.29,30

hey hypebeasts im looking for some of these Uniqlo jeans i dont really care what type of color they are but i ONLY WANT DS OR CLOSE TO DS STUFF so just offer stuff ever if its like another fit like T-001 or w/e if your a FLAKER then u can leave cause i dont deal with them ty for your time

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