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Bitches who wear streetwear

It depends on how often she wears it and how it looks on her. If she looks like this occasionally.... [Image] Then she's dope and she's versatile. Streetwear just can't be her go-to outfit on a daily basis.

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The best QB in the NFL is...

Tom Brady and Payton Manning are like Kobe - their prime has passed but they still perform at an elite level. Aaron Rogers is the best in the league. He has mobility, accuracy, arm strength, a winner, always shows up and more. He's the most complete quarterback in the league.

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Carmelo is better than Kobe and Durant, second only to Lebron

[Quote]MELO got 1 vote for 1st place. Bron got 120 out of 121. People gotta stop equating scoring leaders with 'best player in the league'! Lebron and Kobe are MVPs. Durant and Melo are always going to be Runner Ups as long Lebron continues to dominate. Out of all 4, Lebron is the one most likely to get a double-double on any given night. Followed by Kobe. Lebron, however, is the ONLY one that makes his teammates better. Kobe and Lebron are guaranteed Hall of Famers. How is Melo better than that?

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How do you start own clothing brand

If you are starting a brand and not just t-shirts, then you need to do a lot more than creating some designs and getting them printed. That's the easy part. Getting people to actually buy your tees is where you need to focus. Waiting a year to drop is good, but not always necessary. If you do choose to go that route, then you should spend that time building relationships within the streetwear community (like store owners, bloggers and other brands). Shake hands and make friends. Develop a buzz by creating an online presence with a blog, on social media and on forums - like this one. When developing your brand, make sure you have something that separates you from other shops. Hopefully theirs a story behind your brand. Start with a dope concept and build on it. T.I.T.S. is good example of this. T.I.T.S. does more than just put girls on tees. They have legit concepts and use original photography that has spawned a sh!t load of imitators. LegalZoom.com can help you with the legal part of your company. Hopefully this helps get you started and Google can finish up with any other information.

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is ray j serious doe?

Tito Jackson's son hit it first. Ray J got got 'sloppy seconds' like everybody else.

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