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Need an emcee

Sup yal, I have put a few of my beats on my myspace page: [URL] Some have accappella's on, some dont. Looking for someone to spit some original shit over the top. Obviously structures can be changed and shit. Get at me if you are interested.

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NYC: 28th Nov - 7th Dec

Hey yal, just looking for a bit of a heads up really. I am hitting up NYC from the 28th November til the 7th December... I know most shops I wana check out (thanks to maps from SF) but I wana know if there are any good events/shows/exhibitions happening between those days. Any heads up would good. Ta.

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Is it bad to have rich parents?

Just spinning off the pick up post... Like, in socitiy it is frowned upon if your folk/s are willing to help you out with shit. Is it REALLY such a bad thing? Or is it just jealousy from others? Its fair enough if the kids are spoilt little cunts, but if they are cool, does it matter? I know a few dudes who have rich folks and they get alot of stuff. But they dont brag or act like assholes. But why is it so frowned upon? I personally dont see nothing wrong with it. I want to work hard and earn some good wedge to pay for stuff my kids want. Obviously parenting has alot to do with the matter. So, do you dig at kids who get free stuff? And why?

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Just a few of mine. Not amazing havin a go!

Here are just a few of my snaps. I know they aint amazing but Im learing. All shot on a crappy Canon A95 Powershot. With obvious editing in Macs Photoimage.... Feedback? Advice? EtcEtc... [Image] Ta!

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Aiiight! HK head...

Sup yal? Im heading to Hong Kong and Japan (yes, another one of those threads... kinda!) on the 1st of April. Basically, Im going with my chick and her family. They are originally from HK but live over here (UK). So I have that advantage. Im really looking for some tite kicks (aint well all? ). Im not a [I]massive[/I] BAPE fan, but Im gona check out the store. Will it be right busy because its the year Anniversery thingy? I also printed out the list on the first page of the 'shopping in HK' thread thing. Props for that, yo. Im also looking for a new hot night spots. Not into house or techno... Mainly looking for maybe a few hip hop joints? I think this makes sense. So yeah... Wud up yal? F2D.

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