photo journals

every time i go to a newsstand in barnes and noble or whatever your equivalent is, i always feel completely lost when it comes to photo journals. are any of them worth looking at?

2 Weeks ago in Photography

holy hell look what people are doing with skyrim

this goes out to all you modders out there and dudes with good computers. apparently this russian guy made a patch that allows for some weird lighting and post-processing effects, and the things people are doing with it are insane. [Image] for reference, all the mods are referred to as ENB series mods. done by this guy here: to find the mods, go to skyrim nexus and type in ENB. essentially people are making their own mods via the tool the original guy made. some good ones: [URL] you take a pretty big performance hit with the mods currently, as in, i go from around 60+ frames on ultra to about 30ish, so you definitely need a good computer to handle them. i saw somewhere that the dev is going back to try and optimize the mod to make it run better, but as of now this is all we have. regardless, this looks damn good. only a few months after release too. i can't imagine what people will be doing over the course of time before the inevitable TES6.

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

My first music video

been doing some odd job video work here and there since I got my camera in january, but now im finally turning up some revenue with people wanting me to shoot their bands, and this is the first one i've done of those: [URL] watch it and let me know what you think.

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts