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Design Sketch Thread

It would be cool to share sketches of design ideas (products, fashion, architecture etc) any sketchers out there?

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Shoutbox is dead


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Where are my OG Dubstep heads? Vol. NO Powertools and Robot Fart "Brostep" Shit

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Industrial Design (Products & Transportation)

Do we have anybody on HB interested in Industrial Design? Can we get this thread going? Thread is for: Critiquing designs, expressing design taste/opinion, thoughts, general design related discussion Products: electronics, furniture, footwear, appliances, lighting, general household goods. etc Transportation: automotive, boats, motorcycles, atvs, public transportation. etc Also, If you are a student, professional, hobbyist etc and would like to get feedback on sketches, projects, presentations, etc feel free to share. Hopefully this thread can take off and be useful for anyone design conscious. Would be great to have a little helpful community here.

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Official Photochop Thread

Just post your photochops. Maybe you had an idea for a car and wanted to test it out. Share it with us. Subaru baja before: [Image] actually considering getting a baja now to do this smokeyface post your ideas.

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Photochop X MS Paint X WDYWT

I feel its time.

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Congrats Brendan vol. cheetah leapin thru life #topshelf

^ cheers

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Need a new screen name

3 - 16 characters

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Meanwhile in Japan….

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QR Code surprise thread ;)

use this: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ [Image]

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Screen Dirty?

ima help you clean dat shit fam [URL] welcome.

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(nsfw) http://www.unionesarda.it/Articoli/FotoGalleryDettaglio.aspx?pos=2&id=186695#gallery for those who havent seen it yet

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Junk in the trunk. vol Cement, Mineral Oil and Flat-Tire Sealant

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/20/butt-implants-fake-doc_n_1103933.html LOL

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What Did You Think Won the Internet Vol. Today

[Image] came across this comment on an article on IGN. chuuuch what won the internet for you today?

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Random ID Help Thread Vol. ionno doe, y u lookin at me like dat?

[b]Thread dedicated to helping ID random things[/b] ID her for me plz [b]NSFW[/b] http://www.shooshshare.com/view/2011-03-14/1300165913.gif http://www.xvideos.com/video684530/round_ass_asian_teen [Image]

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