The Knick Vol. Bigger Vein

Great cinematography. Interesting twist/time shift to the medical drama. Swagged-out-cocaine-addicted-white-boots-wearing Clive Owen. Anyone else Watching?

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I know there are fans of South Korean cinema out there. This is coming stateside on the 27th  but limited release. I fucking hate trailers because they blatantly give shit away so here: [Embed content] This was slated for a wider release but apparently the Weinstein Company wanted to cut twenty minutes of the two hour film because apparently we all have short attention spans.

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World's Finest: The Dark Knight X Man of Steel

If you don't know now you know: [URL] I can already picture Batman sparta-kicking Superman off the Daily Planet with kryptonite-soled boots.

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Nike x Fragment

Can anyone confirm if Nike Stadium will carry these? [Image] [URL] Supposedly they have the same Sept. 10th drop as the "Leopard Pack" but I prefer the solid colorways.

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Notorious Hypebeast Phrases

Please post ANY of HB's overused/famous phrases, memes, gifs, or things you've personally picked up (used) or seen used ONLY on HB to a large extent. I'm doing a bit of research for my Linguistic Anthropology class and I'm interested in studying the HB speech community. I know I'll get the usual "Didn't Read" gifs so I'll try to keep it short. I don't have to spell it out in detail, but we all pretty much expect or can predict the type of response someone will get for posting a fit, starting a thread, etc. You'll have sarcastic comments, memes, photoshops, videos, gifs, microsoft paint drawings, and other things depending on the quality of the post. Basically, by being part of this forum and interacting through posting or reading posts, we have created our own speech community. Do you use any of these phrases (or any of the things listed above) consciously or unconsciously off HB? What types of reactions do you get? For example, I've used "does she have a past?" when talking to my friend about his new girl, but he had no idea what I was talking about. I think there was a thread on these phrases already but I'm interested in how you've used or tried to use HB language offline. Thanks.

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The Official Momotaro Denim Thread

I've had my eye on this brand for a while. Might be my next pair so I thought I'd tap the HB masses for some further knowledge apart from what I've already found. Discuss. Official Site: [URL]

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Jay Stay Paid

vs donuts discuss

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[WTB] Supreme Oath / Loosies / Box Logo etc. Size Medium

Looking for a size Medium in the following tees: Supreme Oath Supreme Loosies Supreme Raisin Hell Supreme Joy Division Supreme Dogfight Supreme Box Logo I'll consider any color but I prefer black, white, red. Want them new but an 8+/10 Condition with no considerable stains, no rips, minimal fading (if used). Paypal Ready.

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Converse sizing...need help, pls

im trying to get my girl a pair of converses. shes had her eye on 'em of a long while but ive never gotten a pair before. ive been getting really jumbled advice about sizing. shes a size 5 in womens. so i figure shed be a size 3.5 in mens converses. can anyone confirm? ty in advance

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Nudie Thin Finns?

looking to get some Thin Finns but i cant decide between the Dry Comforts and the Ultra Indigo coated. anyone who owns a pair of these two have any advice? do they stretch a lot? ty

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Supreme Socks?

Another legit check for you supreme experts...Are those for real? Or are they cheap knockoffs?

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De La Souls or Olympic Gold Quickstrike Dunks

i cant decide, im feelin the de las but the olympic quickstrikes pack some heat help?

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