WTB: Vintage Versace Watch

I want this one.. [Image]

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Louboutin & PayPal

Where can I buy Christian Louboutin with PayPal

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Supersport visuals

Recorded this guy the other day. He pulled up next to me on the newest KTM model... I was so shocked because I have the same one at home, and thought it was super rare.... [URL]

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XXX Intelligence Files 1


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[BUYING] BBC Black Tee

I need a BBC Black Tshirt with Billionaire Boys Club written with the BBC helmet. [URL] Souljah boy rocks it there. I need it in small Will pay what ever u want

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Most gangster Crewneck fit

Trying to find the cheap black crew necks that the *****s from the block wear. same with the black hoodies I know theres a general brand that sells them for cheap in convenient stores and cheap stores also.. anyone know the brand?

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Internet knowitall

I don't have propper multi media / web creation skills yet I am trying to setup online operations... I'm looking for a designer and overall internet knowitall to do some work for me.

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[WTB] Dark colorway Air jordan 4

any air jordan 4 size 10.5+ dark colorways only...like countdown pack retro etc... if you are trying to sell a lighter colorway msg me anyway and i may be interested

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Dope illegal street racing

Nissan GT-R 800 HP Hayabusa super bike Russians [URL]

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Custom interriors

Trying to custom out my car. Compartments, different seat arangement, bottle cooling system etc the type of modifications you see in car shows like overhaul. And pimp my ride send me some company names who do interior customs for automobiles i havent found much

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Wuts this song called

Starts with a older gentleman saying "Repeat after me" I am so fuck-ing stooopid then kids start saying it. song. wuts it called. whos it by

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[FS] Diesel leather jacket sz. m

Selling this jacket. Condition is brand new. You can still smell the newness of the leather i love the fit..heres pics [Image] This jacket is limited edition from an old season Diesel. The embroiderd lettering you see is unique to each individual jacket. None alike I bought it for 1250 and its been hung up since. I bought it when i was young and it enveloped my body and made my look stupid, and now im vegetarian. It's also from the Black Gold witch is more valuable OFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i payed 900 years ago I pay for shipping and handling.

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[WTT] Gucci Windbreaker - trade

Trying to trade my Gucci windbreaker for a black one. I have gold one. This is the one I have size medium [Image] mine is in best condition. straight from store and yours should be good also.

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New Boyz

what do all the hypebeasters think about New Boyz I think they wack. they just getting promoted as fuck and raping Cool kids steez amirite Hot or not

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[WTB] Authentic non re issue millionaires

EDIT: I CAN PAY ALOT $$$$$$$ I'm looking to buy / inquire about authentic louis vuitton millionaire sunglasses. the non re issued(Authentic as it gets) ones. If you have them and want to get rid of them, post pics here and contact me through private message. please dont post ebay links i dont want to do buisness through ebay. If you know anyone who wants to sell them, let me know. I live in the Greater Toronto Area

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