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new wes anderson directed at&t commercial featuring..

i can't find a video of it on youtube, and i didn't see anyone else make a thread about it so i guess the commercial just rolled out more recently..but im sure you guys have seen the other wes anderson directed at&t spots with the people traveling through different cities etc..i just saw a new one with some guy talking about collecting kicks, walks in alife in nyc..somewhere in los angeles, i'm guessing FC, and a couple other places, i think one being nort berlin. if you haven't seen it yet i'm sure you will soon. what do you guys think?

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sugarhead quarters nyc

don't think i've seen anyone mention em' here, but probably one of the best shops i've been to on my vacation to nyc. i know everyone's taste is different, but they had the best stock of stuff in a lot of sizes that i've seen here in my opinion. friendliest employees as well, if you're in the area definitely check em out, they're down the street from alife rivington. also having a really nice 20-50% sale on pretty much everything there right now.

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best place in nyc for vans?

help me out, please

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st alfred ventilators

[URL] i like em.

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umbro by kim jones a/w 07

some real nice quality stuff. [Image] [URL]

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Few mishka online exclusive tees

not a big fan of any of em, but ya'll can go right ahead. each ones limited to 50, so enjoy. [URL]

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New fuct tee..distasteful?

the new fuct line just dropped at [URL], some really nice stuff, but this tee in particular struck me as a bit distasteful..even for fuct. would any of you wear this in public? [Image]

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Mishka Summer 07

some pretty nice stuff, but probably not a lot of peoples taste. [URL]

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Undftd spring 07


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uniqlo t-shirt project

i know a lot of you kids on here don't read too much into japanese related things on here, but this shit is pretty cool. [URL]

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[Actual Pain] - 2012 Official Discussion

never seen anyone talking about them on here, what do you guys think? [Image] i know it's not everyones cup of tea, but i'm pretty into it. nice shit for being a rather new up and coming label. they just started shipping worldwide yesterday, so check it out at actualpain.org if you're interested.

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house 33 s/s 07

holy shit. [URL]

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Would any of you wear this shirt?

[Image] shit is ridiculous. you are just asking for a world of hurt from law enforcement and others.

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king stampede s/s 07

on boundless right now. definitely a brand you all should be on the lookout for this year. [Image]

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Little bit of rogue status s/s up online

not my cup of tea at all, but whatever, thought i'd let ya'll know if youre still up on that shit. [URL]

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