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Gov’t Whistleblower Robert Conors Goes Public W/Michael Jacksons Final Phone Call

[Embed content] yoooo wtf did you guys check this out yet?! wondering if this shit is a hoax or not... blinkyeyes

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just checked it out. what do you guys think?  pm if ya need the link fam EDIT: No longer got the link fam. most got taken down since. Try torrenting it or googling "Drake-Nothing Was The Same.zip"

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Phillip Lim x Target

you cawping? [Image] http://www.gq.com/style/blogs/the-gq-eye/2013/08/first-look-31-phillip-lim-for-target-lookbook.html

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Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home.

New single. IMO, it sounds dope, got a lionel richie sound. what do you guys think? [Embed content]

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When you guys are at a coffee shop/starbucks/cafe and you have to use the restroom?

and you got your laptop with you and shit, do you pack it up and take it with you when you gotta use the restroom? Serious question lol

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Ray Donovan

[Image] Anyone watch this show? New drama show on HBO. watched the first few episodes and I thought it was pretty good

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Grooming Thread

what do you guys use to look your best? any recommendations/tips on hair products, skin care, and shit like that?

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REAL SHIT, what's a dope idea to ask a girl to prom?

help a brotha out!

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[Embed content]thoughts on this? just debut today. looks real dope. debating whether to snag this one up now or wait for s4.... hmmm help me out guys [Image] http://youtu.be/6sWkcGT2Uvk

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*stealing this idea from KANYETOTHE Forum (copied & pasted) * This is the DIY thread Our goal is to inspire each other creatively and do what the designers aren't doing DIY stands for "Do It Yourself" if anyone doesn't know Post and Discuss clothing and accessories that you can make  / alter / color / sew / rip / etc. yourself  IMPORTANT TIP: USE A LOT OF PICTURES AND VIDEO. IT DRAWS ATTENTION TO YOUR POST AND ENCOURAGES IDEAS MORE THAN PLAIN TEXT Rules:  1. Be curtious and open to other people's thoughts This is DIY so the opinions on clothing will be different for each person  2. Do your research to help each other  Includes things you've tried, things you've seen, YouTube videos  3. Try to be clear and descriptive with how you want to alter your clothing,Use Pictures if you can. 4. STAY ON TOPIC We don't want another "What Did You Wear Today" incident  share some cool shit you guys are working on or plan to work on.  saw this in the other thread  Kanye's Ombre Denim Shirt DIY (DIP DYE)   [Image] [URL]

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State Trooper Caught On Camera Locking People Up For Fake DUI

[Embed content] bitches be corrupt. share your thoughts and comments on this shit

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anyone know how to use usenet or newsgroups?

fill me in on how it works? sick of using torrents. heard newsgroups maximize speeds or some shit

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[FS] Reason Alma Mater Varsity Jacket.

[Image] Reason Alma Mater Varsity Jacket. BRAND NEW. "Reason Alma Mater Wool/Leather Varsity Jacket. Features black grey wool body, black 100% rawhide leather sleeves and pocket trim, and quilted satin lining. Fit is true to size. Comes individually numbered and inspected." When I got it in the mail, it didn't have any tags attached. SIZE MEDIUM OFFER.

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XBOX 360 Modding.

anyone know where I can get my xbox 360 modded to play the burned games? preferably locations in San Gabriel Valley or Los Angeles for cheapppp too

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