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Happy New Year HB

Hope you all had a good one and find a great 2016.  What are some things you all are trying to accomplish or improve upon? I found 2015 to be uneventful for me so I'm using that to go out and do more this year. I think I just want to commit to my career and develop more as a person.

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Great Shots

Just wanted a thread where we can post some of our favorite shots in cinema/tv history. I know there's not much traffic in these sections, but I I'll consistently update it. I'll start off with a few diverse selections. [Image] 12 Angry Men (1957)  Will post more in time to come, post some of your favorites.

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Buying Cameras On eBay?

Anyone have experience with this? I'm in the market for a Canon 5D Mark II which has been discontinued since the Mark III was released. I don't have the money for a Mark III since the body itself is around 3,000$ or something. Through researching I have only found one reliable source to buy the Mark II (refurbished) which is actually on Canon's site. But then I started looking through eBay and found Mark II's for around $900-1,800. This could save me a lot of money but the only thing that's stopping me is if I should give the sellers on eBay my trust. And tips, feedback, experience, etc. on buying cameras or electronics in general on eBay?

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How do you guys really feel about KTT?

Look past your biases for a sec. Do you guys think most people on there can actually dress?  I was recently looking at their WDYWT thread and it had a lot of bad fits. I know Hypebeast has bad fits occasionally, and so do other forums but those fits actually get some sort of negative feedback, on KTT it's like they praise bad fits? [URL] [Image] Seemed like the pseudo-general consensus was that people here dress more "different" and better. Many said simple and with brands but who knows.  What are your guys' thoughts?

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Man Of Steel 2 Vol. Batman

Batman said to appear in Man Of Steel 2 in 2015. This is going to be crazy. What I'm wondering is if it's Nolan's Batman, how the hell is he going to compete along/against Snyder's Superman and his villains. I mean they cause destruction to a whole another level.  [URL] And this really gets me excited also:  "And if all goes according to plan, 2015 will kick off three consecutive years of DC action, with Flash arriving in 2016 and Justice League finally dropping in 2017."  A Justice League film has been needed, 2017 is long from now though. What do you guys think?

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User 839841487

This user has been spamming "hiphoplp" posts on almost every thread, I didn't really mind until I got various messages from them. Any one else receive these messages? It's becoming annoying. Where's the ban? [Image]

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Lil B vs Joey Bada$$

Have you guys heard about this? I think it started like this, [Image] Don't know where its going from here, but thoughts? Much respect for Lil B but I'm siding with Joey.

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The Official Nostalgia Thread

I haven't seen one created, but I could be wrong. I just felt like we needed one to reminisce on those old days. It's simple, just post random things from your childhood, could be shows, toys, music, smells, memories, etc. Anything that takes you back. I'll start. It'd be a shame to not start with this so. [Image] All i can think of at the moment! Feel free to share your nostalgic memories!

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Official Coachella 2013 Lineup

i don't know if it's been made yet, but the lineup was released today i think. [Image] Stoked to see Foals, Local Natives, New Order, Earl Sweat, RHCP, The xx, and especially Wild Nothing there. How do you guys feel about it?

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forget this 10 char

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What's gunna happen in 2013?

Alright, so 2012 was full of temple run, KONY, earthquakes and tsunamis, school and theater shootings, December 21st and more things. What do y'all think is gunna happen in 2013? More shootings or major tragedies, hopefully not? But I'm curious on what do people think is coming for us. But all together, in my opinion I think 2013 is gunna be a good year, but I say that every new year so whatever.

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Need to know asap.

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The End of The World

Regardless of whether you believe in it or not, what are you all planning on doing that day? Any one here one of those doomsday preppers? And what are y'all plans if shit actually goes down, lol?

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Everyone hating on Kanye's 12/12/12 fit.

Specifically the Givenchy skirt. They even made a twitter page for it. I don't why they're making a big deal about it, i guess people rather see the trends in normal street wear. Idgi.

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Anyone watching the Sandy Relief Concert?

Kanye is killing it imo. [URL]

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