Renting a mansion to throw a party?

[Quote] Craigslist?)

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A five star chick

wtf. ?)?)?)?)?)

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Show Yo Crib!!!

Use large zip ties from homedepot to secure it. You have yourself one of a kind art piece. >smh

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Bape x Recon Spray Can Pillow (Aqua Blue)

For sale only, references can be provide. please send me any questions or best offers. Bape x Recon Spray Can Pillow Aqua Blue Brand New Asking: $225 Shipped, or best offers (paypal only) < Extremely rare and hard to find. Once is gone, is gone. dont wait. First one to pm gets it.

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Best Way to Dress for Graduation Ceremony?

Dress shirt with a tie (loosen up) + denim .. some kanye west x Edison Chen style. Maybe after graduation ceremony. Otherwise. Dress shirt, dress shoes, dress pants. Keep it simple. You will be wearing a cap+gown right?

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Verizon Wireless Iphone?

[Quote] Two options. Buy straight from att @ a very expensive $$$ or ebay. For ebay option I know that you don't need to op-in for internet (data plan) and save that $30/month. But I think 99&#37; of people who has an iphone has internet. However you can use the phone with wifi. In theory is worth it to get the iphone under contract for $199 (4g) or $99 (3gs) then pay for the data.

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Verizon Wireless Iphone?

[Quote] Probably a month later. Or in the coming weeks.

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Slk or boxter?

[Quote] Thumbs up.

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For those who wear raw jeans, do ppl ever ask why you wear the same jeans every day?

I use to buy two pairs the same. But not anymore. So I wear like the same jeans every other day, No one notice it.

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[Mister (Mr.)] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread


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Ralph Lauren Shorts or CK cropped pants. blushing

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Fragrance/Cologne Discussion Thread

Mostly any Armani (except Aqua di gio = 2 common), now YSL / Givenchy Pi Neo.

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World's Longest Rap.

say what.

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Wireless Routers

Yes, but your xbox has to be in range with the router or get a wifi adapter. I myself use netgear powerline adapters. Work 100% all the time.

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Best Iphone App?

Angrybirds (very addictive) Air Video I have alot more. Those are my two.

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