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New site for singles?

Since mediafire and jamglue are gone. Anyone?

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For those of you that have them, what shows do you have scheduled to record? I record: Around The Horn, PTI, Leno show & Saturday Night Live

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

Fantasy Football

Anyone interested ? I'll make a league if there's enough people

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Freeman's Mind

o fuckin yes. [URL]

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An in depth commentary

Oh my god. This is prob one of the hottest oral scenes that I have watched in a while. Around 3:00, when she is sucking him, the cum is just dripping slowly and thick out of her mouth. She takes that cock deep and slow and she lets all of the cum coat the inside of her throat. Just watch her head bounce up and down as the slippery dick disappears and then reappears in her mouth. Truly a classic deepthroat scene. At around 3:20, the cum is once again just falling from her lips as she gets teased and "slapped" in the face by the semi-hard dong. She moans and groans, but with strong and confident eyes. She wants to swallow the cum, but she doesn't because she knows more is on the way. At 5:07, Puma looks at the camera with those gorgeous eyes, letting everyone know that she "wants more." At 5:21, she fists her mouth in preparation for the massive neck slamming she is about to receive. She is ready. At 5:31, she goes "balls deep" and closes her eyes, as the cum overflows onto her face. What a day. True deepthroat at 13:45. =). Getting slapped in the face at 15:18, she wants to cry out as her asshole is being pounded, but she remembers that she is an adult, who loves pleasure of painful sex. 16:13, the doggystyle emerges, as Ms. Swede gets her asshole pumped. Watch the back of her knees. They quiver, and the fact that her very heavy go-go shoes come off of the ground lets the viewers know that she is in fact, an "anal virgin." 16:40, is she crying? We think so, but not out of pain or sadness, but because of PLEASURE. Her moaning voice is covered around 16:51, giving her little oxygen as the anal intruder increases the pace at which he destroys her asshole. 25:27, she is getting her asshole handed to her. With her asshole ripping apart, he legs start to shake, and she has no more tears to cry. She just moans and wishes for more pleasure, more pleasure!!! At around 27:00, she proceeds to have the asshole torn to shreds, and thinking that her treatment is over, her man slaps her ass cheek, letting her know "you're asshole isn't going anywhere, hotstuff." At 28:43, Puma gives signs as if she doesn't know where she is. She is literally in an "anal coma." The pleasure and pain has left her almost "unconscious" to where she is. Boy does she love anal sex. At 28:58 she is commanded, not told, to look at the camera. We see the satisfaction on her face, as if the beast has been beaten. With her wild and plump asshole "tamed," she has one more task to accomplish: she needs to empty the dick of all of it's cum. She needs it as fuel, to fuel her body, to embrace all that she is made of. 29:23, she has NO CLUE WHERE SHE IS. All she knows is that the cum is spraying, dripping, oozing into her mouth, which is what she wants. Cum is her drink, her food, her everything in this scene. The sweet white cum is her reward for having her asshole shredded apart. In 29:31, the cum is everywhere on her face, giving her a "mask like" appearance.

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When you're interested in a movie and a book that tell the same story

Obviously you haven't seen either, so which should be checked out first?

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So I've been on this forum for a while

and I seen the word "Troll" or "Trolling" being used quite often. I don't understand the meaning/context. Could anyone explain this to me? Thanks alot.

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Okay everyone, REALITY CHECK

I don't know about ya'll but i had a spiritual englightening about an hour ago. I was in tears and shit. Really, getting high and have a friend talk about my flaws made me wanna change for the better. Now I don't care about what anybody says. And when i say that i say it in the most literal way. I really don't care about what people say. This life is amazing. I'm going to live this life guys. I'm going to seize my true character and celebrate life for me. Not trying to impress everybody around me. I ain't no house slave, i'm a field slave! everybody free your house slave. Work in the fields and uphold your dignity. I'm going to leave this site on a spiritual journey. I'll be back soon. Soon. <3 HB i will be back to rescue everybody take care... (take care take care take care (echo till fades)

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Free Microsoft Points

[URL] totally free

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HB's Beloved Ronnel has been hiding his fame.

You may know him as ronnel but i know him as [URL]

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Free AK47's

sorta [URL]

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Happy berfdai CHANG ^_____^/

aye boo happy burday &) [Image] seck sii can i?

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Facebook uno

is the truth

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I'm going to toronto

who's got a car and wants to drive me around. lulz

2 Weeks ago in Canada