The Tracks Speak. Homie hasn't quit made it to the bandwagon state but making his way there.. Like He has that one song for everyone. Check it out [URL] - Himalayan BossaNova smokeyface

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A Creation Of Stonery....

Hi Guys, Its Me Astro, The Little Faggot Who Bxtched About Putting A Stop To My Music...Anyway Listen To This BS. [URL] Ughh I Didn't finish it.

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Should I Stop Or Continue ?

I'm really feeling as if this music bullshit isn't working out for me and *Soft Emotional Moment Comes In....* thinking about quitting after I devoted so much time and energy in this BS, Smh. SO MY HB PEOPLE, Give me your honest opinion on this.. Maybe my last beat ever... [URL] I never finished it soooo..

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Lil Wayne Ft Pharrell - Yes

I really don't like Wayne but since Pharrell was featured on it & also produced it I had to post it. Cheeeeecccckkkk It Ouuutttttt: [URL] Lyrics: [Pharrell] you can catch me riding down on a fuckin berrazano ass out just like diallo diablo hi hoe silver call that motherfucker tondo leave a smoke trail back in jersey in my condo you can run up like your rambo but you better hit me ♥♥♥♥♥ if you know what i know cuz i got some supersize guys that

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Pharrell - The Game Has Changed

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B.O.B. Back at Tyler The Creator ?

[URL] lol

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Vintage cameras.

I wanted to know what cameras & lens would I have to buy in order to get that old vintage shot. Cameras such as the 'canon ae-1' & the 'canonet QL17 GIII' ?

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