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DUSHINO - Crooked Stitches

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My First Song Off My First Tape. Check Me Out

[URL]) I-Phone writing Sweet 16s ( I did ) Now we got the full booth with the double screens ( WE DO ) believed less of what they taught us and more in our dreams if you do the same then you can have the same things stole Nya diapers even tho Jackie wouldn't let me see her then on some Jerry Springer shit said the God Father wasn't me?! Im on my King James X, any means to get a ring back into the court driver the trunk holdin 20 G's  Chris threw me the shotty, cuz i just wanted a lil neen take it from a x-painter, blood is red, money green,  & when you mix the two things, ugliest color ever seenThey Actin Like I'd Chase A Dream that I Couldn't Catch They Try To Ask Me What I'd Change And IF I Regret THE BRIDGE LOGO & THE SHIELD, but that's my very essence NiGgA iT's DiMeBaGs LiFe... UnTiL tHe CoNvAlEsCeNT[END]

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Tha Trend - Fashion Talk Show

Latest Episode . [Embed content] Kool John & Filthy Dripped

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Armand Dushae is a HYPEBEAST

Where do I start.... I had been going to St. Johns on a partial scholarship and a shitload of student loans but I fucked all that up when I robbed this rich cokehead black chick I was smashing ( which i was wrong for) . After getting the boot from college and sitting in VCBC ( the have a fucking jail on a boat in the Bronx) for a few days I got the idea for a coin pouch company. So I fly back home to Cali ( im from Oakland) I decided since mass production was out & that I would have to make everything myself since I didn't have much $$$ to fund the actual manufacturing process of the company. I worked all summer at Everett & Jones (a barbecue spot) to fund my dream. Though later down the line my mom did help me to put together a Launch Party (Shes all about her image) . With the bread from that I ordered custom cement leather from Florida ( barbarossaleather.com) which cost damnear a rack for 50 yards. I presented the line ( http://armanddushae.bigcartel.com/product/hype ) on HB in hopes that it would be well received since I've been on the forums since back in the day when Lupe posted and Lemar & Dauley , PegLegNYC, & Rockers NYC weren't mere memories. And what the fuck happened to Digitalgravel.com ? I know theyre still around but goddamn they fell off tuff. & why the fuck is 3sixteen only doing cut & sew? I had the infinity gauntlet tee that joint was fire. My first bag was obviously influenced by this blog. Everybody thought I was a wack ass poser who just wanted to get rich off fashion but the truth is I've BEEN doing this shit, I advanced to the 2nd round of the Nike Future Sole Competition the first year they held it and was the youngest of the finalist ( 16 ) I didnt win though but i did get to work with a dope designer from Adidas. Also I used to paint shoes & post em on here & once got a compliment from Emmanuel Labor ( pats self on back ) . I just figured if ima do something ima be the best at it so why not monopolize the coinpouch market ? I mean Lv, diamond, pink dolphin and playcloths were the only people doing it at the time and all there shit sold out like that. However everyone told me to kill myself. After 8 months and contemplating killing myself numerous times, Ive finally achieved some success (I was gonna go into detail about the grind but this shit is taking too long & no ones gonna read it anyway, so yeah I just skipped 8 months but just know we eventually developed into a manufacturing company [ did these bags cardigansandcigars.com] and I got a show [ youtube.com/thatrend] into hella stores [ i.e. Filthy Dripped, s/o to Filthy Dripped for taking us to magic that was also big] & am poppin on instagram [@ArmandDushae] ) . We made it to KL Kazbah & now im getting dough . End of Story, follow your dreams . http://www.karmaloop.com/kazbah/Browse.htm#VendorId=8994 anybody brand out there that needs pouches done hit me up armandtheusbox@gmail.com theyre dirt cheap to make and they sell like hotcakes . I <3 sewing . & my other site is armanddushae.bigcartel.com

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Armand Dushae, 20, been on hypebeast since i was 13. [Embed content] & i do these too.. for fun.. & money.. [URL]

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Recycled Air Jordan 8 .

1 of 1 Art. [Image] [URL]

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[DMBGS] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

[Image] http://www.facebook.com/DimeBags.ArmandDushae ----> armanddushae.com <---- restock coming soon

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