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Going to buy some summer kicks, which ones?

I'm planning to buy a pair of some low-top kicks to use this spring/summer. I'm thinking 'bout either the Busenitz, the Janoskis, Blazer Lows or Sweet Classics. But can't decide which one I should buy. Which kicks would you pick up?

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Your sneaker to buy/wish -list this spring/summer?

The title says it all. I'm going for these: [URL] I'm going to buy at least three to four of these pairs this spring. What is your list? blushing

2 Weeks ago in Footwear

Nike Windrunner in Scandinavia?

Does someone know where I can get a Nike Windrunner -jacket in Scandinavia sized M? I've found a couple on ebay, but they're either in a colourway I don't like, or in L/XL. Does someone know 'bout a webstore or a Scandinavian store who have these jackets? blushing

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What do you think 'bout blazers? blushing I love them, and will try to combine it with some streetwear. If you have some pictures of peoples pulling of blazers with streetwear, I would be happy.

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Anyone who loves The Prodigy here?

Is there anyone who loves The Prodigy in here? ^^

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