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Are there brokerage fees from shopping Supreme Online?

Supreme's website states that shipping to Canada is $25 flat and includes any Duty/tax shipped via UPS - is this UPS "brown" or United States Postal? UPS is known for killer brokerage fees that double the cost of the item purchased Anyone with experience, please chime in. Thanks.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

THE HUNDREDS to open store in Toronto!?

as quoted on the hundreds blog: 7909 is The Hundreds LA

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Silver anniv. Jordan 25s coming to Canada?

Anybody in retail care to chime in on this one. Is this even going to be a retail product? They look timeless. Dwade was the only one in the all star game that stood out from the crowd of yawn all star themed sneakers. thank you and your welcome

2 Weeks ago in Canada