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A request for fellow hypebeasts

Hi there, I posted this earlier to the official sunglasses discussion thread, but I don't know if anyone noticed it. I made a design for Polaroid's Best under the sun competition and am trying to make an effort to get them into production. The shades are called Epitome and they're a modern aviator type heavily influenced by the early 2000. I'm asking for your vote, if you like them or just want to help out. Every e-mail address has 3 votes and the voting is on until the end of november on http://polaroidsunglasses1937.com/getVotingList.php#2000 Thank yous.

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Sneakers/shoes for the winter?

I'm looking for something with a sole that can keep me going when the roads are covered with snow/ice. Normal sneakers seem to turn in to ice skates in the winter, especially Nikes. A shop near me carries Red Wings which are probably really good, but that hiker style just isn't for me. I've been looking for as pair for coming winter for a while but haven't come across any decent ones. If you know of any please post em up. -Bishop

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Makia Clothing

Hi I didn't find any post mentioning this fine finnist brand. They're guite new, but going in the right direction, evolving in every collection. The fit pics at their own webshop are a bit bad, but I consider them one of the street brands with better cuts. Have a look and discuss. [URL]

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Hi I'm heading to Kyoto for the holidays and was wondering what type streetwear shops do they have around there? What about sneakers? Maybe some good consignment stuff? I'm looking to buy just a few items and am trying to find out if a trip to Tokyo is nessessary during my three week stay. Thankyous.

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Streetwear/sneaker outlets in Japan?

Hi I'm going to Japan next fall and was wondering if there are any streetwear or sneaker outlets? And where they might be located? Google offered no help, so if anyone's been shopping in Japan help would be appreciated.

2 Weeks ago in Japan

Online Outlet

I've been ordering stuff from this outlet kinda online clothing store. Since I found no matches when I searched the hypebeast forums, I decided to post it here [URL] All of the items are atleast -50% so it's light on the wallet. They have brands like The Hundreds, Mishka, Crooks & Castles, Burton, Analog, a few at a time. At the time they seem to have Insight, Sabre, Kid Robot and Alife on sale. The minus side is that you have to register, but thats not too much trouble.

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