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Places to visit in Tokyo?

have fun! dont bother getting the jr pass unless you plan on going to osaka/ kyoto. kyoto was my fav part of my japan trip though. getting around japan is pretty easy, like plutonianwater said, the jr yamananote line will hit a lot of places if you're staying just in tokyo. i spent like an hour and a half at the starbucks at shibuya crossing just watching people. crazy how many people go through there. short vid i made of my trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8vhpevU0Dk

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PICKUPS - 2017 Discussion

still regret finding/ returning a pair of those infrared am 180's at nordstrom rack 7 years ago lol oreo o's at walmart it's a gts-25 [NA rb25 engine]. ridiculously slow lol.

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Announcing the Official Closure of The HYPEBEAST Forums - 7/31

found these in an old flash drive smokeyface  [Image]

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ig: qyel rip in peace hb <3 ill forever be trying to smash dudes in my peacoat.

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PICKUPS - 2017 Discussion

oreo o's are finally back smokeyface [the bootleg ones taste just as good imo] [Image]

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What do you hate about your Iphone

[Quote] dead. same complaints about my iphone 6s years later. battery life is even worse, cant even make it 1/2 day without dying weak speaker memory, still didnt cop a 64/128gb version did get back on t-mobile with an unlimited data plan though smokeyface

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PICKUPS - 2017 Discussion

mg sandrock[Image]

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effulgence - 2017 Discussion Thread

what ive gotten, iirc: camron condom - sand gundam tee pokemon cards - kanto hat pokemon condom - kanto bae tee/ sailor squad hoodie effulgence stickers - initiation/ cyborg tees stress ball - alba tee [Image]

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WDYET Vol. HB Foodie Fam


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WDYET Vol. HB Foodie Fam

didnt know they made strawberry samanco. wtf, i gotta try that hearteyes

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WDYET Vol. HB Foodie Fam

tampopo ramen, tempe, az, in-house made ramen and some nice thick chashu  [Image]

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Post pics of sick cars

cars and coffee scottsdale 3/4/17 couple more pictures on my blog if you wanna check em out: qyel.org [Image]

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[Supreme] - Spring/Summer 2017 Discussion

sade and digi board came in today. got a bunch of free stuff, including a cool felt box logo sticker. awesome smokeyface [Image]

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WDYET Vol. HB Foodie Fam

we're hurting for some good boba spots but this place is pretty good. tea swirl, tempe, arizona. [Image]

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WDYET Vol. HB Foodie Fam

damn, i need to hit up baohaus. ill be back in a couple weeks maybe. dollar pastor tacos and dollar horchata. these were amazing. [Image]

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