Any Saucony love?

agreed. no. i have seen to many old people in them... im not in the nursing home yet so thx

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Rick Ross ft. Jay - Z & Rick Ross ft. Weezy, Jeezy & Trick Daddy

nice thanks alot.... lil wayne kills it again

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Kanye West - Glow In The Dark Tour Mixtape !

yea i got a presale code... but tickets for my area go on sale the 7th sooooo im good lol

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BAPE LA Hiring

crazzyyyy... i would work there and hook my friends up sometimes.... seriously... and to know all the release dates / products early ould be useful

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Antenna mag

i like antenna... its focus is good... sometimes random but in a good way hard to find tho

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Should i move back in with my parents to complete university?

hey you need to do what you need to do so when your around 30 you can have the perfect lifestyle... it doesnt always come quickly... its better to be the 24 year old living with his parents than be the 40 year old who lives with his parents... see what im saying... solidify your future now so you don't have to worry later

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February 2008 For Sale Thread! [READ FIRST PAGE BEFORE LISTING ITEMS!]

Bape blue nagoya city hoodie medium hey [COLOR="Blue"]im selling my blue nagoya city hoodie sz. MEdium I am registered also on Bt and BT2 so its legit...[/COLOR] [B]Condition: 8.5/10 PM ME IF INTERESTED.... Retail Price: $360 [COLOR="Indigo"]Bape by A Bathing Ape Nagoya City Hoodie[/COLOR] BIN $260--- [COLOR="Red"]make me offers!!![/[/COLOR]B] [Image]

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